Mattress Mack Net Worth 2022: Bio, Height, Age & Career

James Franklin McIngvale is an American businessman better known as Mattress Mack. he got his nickname from being a renowned name in the furniture business for years and years. He owns and runs a successful furniture retail chain called Gallery Furniture. He recently made waves in the news for a massive bet on a Superbowl game. He placed a wager of $4.5 million on the bet of the Cincinnati Bengals winning the Super Bowl LVI. The amount is significant in every possible way and is the largest bet ever placed in the history of sports betting.

McIngvale was born in Starkville, Mississippi on 11 February 1951. For studies, he had to move to Texas where he first finished his schooling at Bishop Lynch High School. For college, he attended the North Texas State University which is known as the University of North Texas at present. His interest in football has been around since his football days and he also used to play football for the university.

Instead of going for a job, McIngvale decided to work for himself and went for business instead. He entered the furniture line with his chain called Gallery Furniture which was not that successful initially. McIngvale managed to turn things around on what could be considered a combination of both brilliance and sheer luck. His business was on the way to going down the drain when he decided to make one final push in a do-or-die fashion. Already facing financial difficulties, McIngvale spent all of his remaining fortunes to get a commercial for his furniture line aired. During the production of the commercial, McIngvale kept growing dissatisfied with the quality and the overall impact of the advertisement. After all, he had invested all $10K that he had left into the project and did not want it to go to waste. He decided to take matters into his own hands and went on to ad-lib a whole new unscripted sales pitch. He paced through whatever came to his mind to fit it all within the available limited time. The intensity and everything set it apart from the usual commercials and had a massive influence on the sales.

Jim married Linda who he has three children with. The couple has worked together on multiple projects outside of their furniture chain. It includes them being the executive producers for the 1992 movie Sidekicks. Chuck Norris was the leading star of the movie and he also appeared in multiple commercials for Gallery Furniture in return.

Jim is also known for giving back to the community in times of disaster. During the Hurricane Harvey of 2017, he opened his stores to the people of the flooded city. He did the same in 2019 when Houston was affected by the Tropical Storm Imelda. He did the same again in 2021 on two occasions, first in the Texas power crisis and then the arrival of Hurricane Ida.

In 2022, Jim made headlines for making a sports bet as no one had seen before. He bet $4.5 million on the odds of the Cincinnati Bengals winning the Super Bowl LVI.

Birthday & Zodiac Details

  • Date of Birth – February 11, 1951
  • Birthplace    – Starkville, Mississippi
  • Zodiac sign    – Aquarius

Body Appearance Height, Weight

  • Height – 5’8″
  • Weight – 136 lbs / 62 kg

Other Facts

  • Profession – Businessman
  • Educational Qualification  – Graduate
  • Religion – Christianity
  • Nick Name – Mattress Mack
  • Nationality   – American
  • Residence – Harris County, Texas.

Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram – (
  • Twitter    – (
  • Fb    –  (

Mattress Mack Networth

Jim McIngvale is easily one of the most successful and richest businessmen in the United States of America. He has a net worth of over $300 million thanks to his mega-successful furniture line Gallery Furniture. Despite losing money in multiple big sports bets, his empire and fortune is only growing with time.

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