Nurse Drops Bombshell “FIu Shot Speech” in Front of CDC Advisory Committee

On October 25, 2018 a recently retired nurse of 20 years named Lori Ciminelli gave a speech at the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Posted by Courtney Lynn here on Facebook, the video has already garnered 1.2 million views, with over 30,000 comments as of October 31.

The nurse begins by explaining that none of her peers believe in flu shots. She said:

“I don’t come here with any degree. I come here as the public. I’m going to start with a quote by William Wilberforce, and he stated: ‘you can choose to look away, but you can never say you don’t know again.’ I just retired from a local hospital here. No one believes in the flu shots, my colleagues, I didn’t, because the efficacy, and I won’t give you data, you created the data, ten percent one year, eighteen percent the next, forty percent at best.”

Lori Ciminelli, recently retired nurse after 20 years, speaking October 25, 2018 at the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Posted by Courtney Lynn on Thursday, October 25, 2018

She continued to explain that the nasal “flu vaccine,” the infamous “flu mist” also isn’t good for people in her 20 years of experience. The nurse said:

“The flu mist you gave to your children from two to eight years, for almost four years it never worked, three percent, oh well.

I worked in a hospital where my colleagues, doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and patient care lab, we didn’t believe in that flu shot. We were probably at 40 percent and then came our mandates, and then came your (the CDC’s) recommendations.”

Then, she provided insight into what she was forced to do, to be a nurse while refusing the flu shot. For a while it was customary for nurses to wear a mask constantly, opt to constantly wear a mask day after day rather than receive the shot.

She continued:

“So you know what, for four years before I retired I put a mask on during 12 hour shifts. It wasn’t easy to breathe, but that’s how much I didn’t believe in your efficacy.

My colleagues didn’t believe in it either, but some of them couldn’t wear that mask for 12 hours. So in the beginning they said ‘I’m just getting a shot, I can’t wear the mask,’ but in the truth, the public’s truth, my observation, which is the first step in scientific theory, they didn’t believe in your shot.

This year, I retired. I’m grateful for that because my soul was sick at what I saw go on. That flu shot was crazy.”

What she’s talking about her “soul being sick at,” it’s real and beyond description. If you’re not familiar with what she’s talking about, only a lot of research could satisfy that question.

The government keeps a record of people who suffer from vaccine injury, it’s called VAERS (vaccine injury reporting system), so if you type in “VAERS injuries flu shot,” or for any vaccine into a search engine, you’ll find exactly what she is speaking of.

The former nurse continued:

“You govern globally, in this country. I’m glad I’m retired now, because now I can talk to you, because when I worked I couldn’t, because if I did: conflict of interest, I would have lost my job.

That’s truth: a lot of my colleagues did lose their jobs. I (worked at) one of the few hospitals in this city that allowed us to mask. I can name five hospitals that don’t: goodbye ‘pink slip, no flu shot.’”

To make her experience even more incredible, she never got the flu in seemingly her entire career as a nurse: while being in contact with people who had it, day in and day out, for such an incredibly long period of time.

(Image credit: Vaxxter)

She continued:

“How did I survive twenty years and never get the flu in that environment? ER, high volume: was I not on the front lines every flu case, 300 people a day every day, every flu case, it was me.

I never had the flu, you know why? I knew how to wash my hands, I knew how to take vitamin D, I knew how to take elderberry syrup.

I don’t approve of your flu shot. Now, you have pharmacists giving it. You bribe us with cards at Target, and you tell us ‘this is free,’ and it’s everywhere. There’s scare tactics that you should be ashamed of. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: he fights for us, he does. He goes to court for us, for our kids who suffered.”

She drew her short yet information packed, 5 minute speech to a close, and her testimony went viral. Do you agree with what she is saying? More research would be great for everybody. Why is a controversial topic controversial?

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