Radioactive Water is Being Consumed by 170 Million Americans: Find Out about Your Water with Interactive Map

Do you buy jugs of water, or bottles of water to drink from so you don’t have to drink the tap water? Do you have full discipline with that, or do you use the tap water to do things like make coffee, or cook food?

There’s a lot of information out there that should convince people to use tap water for absolutely nothing, not even taking a shower, without a proper shower head to filter out the toxins.

First of all, people should all know about fluoride, but for those who don’t believe that fluoride in our water is bad for us because it has such a conspiratorial stigma attached to it, a couple years ago a very credible Harvard study confirmed fluoride is a carcinogenic neurotoxin that lowers the IQ of children: that’s just fluoride.

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Wherever military activity or certain industrial activity goes, toxins follow. Go examine the neighborhoods surrounding air force bases all around America, from the two neighborhoods in Sacramento, California that lie in close proximity to the closed down air force bases, to the area surrounding the airforce base in San Antonio, Texas: chemicals ranging from chromium-6 to radium come from military installations, and frequently contaminate the water.

Tap water has so many various toxins in it, varying from place to place, it’s more like a chemical soup than water, despite a lot of these chemicals being in low volume. One might argue that toxins affect people negatively in much lower volume than regulators would like to admit.

Did you know that over 170 million people in the United States are drinking radioactive water? A study published about a year ago by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) showed that over 170 million Americans are consuming radioactive elements in their drinking water.

Obviously, drinking radioactive elements is linked to cancer. They provided people with a very helpful, interactive map that reveals the locations across America in which radium is present in the drinking water, which you can find at this link.

To come up with this information, the EWG analyzed around 50,000 public water systems in every one of the 50 US states. They discovered that the water drank and bathed in by 170 million Americans is laced with radioactive elements, with water supplies exceeding the EPA’s legal limits for the toxins in 27 states.

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The EWG notes that radium is the most frequently reported radioactive element in American tap water, and that’s partially because oil and gas drilling tend to disturb deposits of radium that exist naturally in the Earth’s crust. Radioactive ions get released, and the “safe limits” for carcinogenic radiation in water were set in 1976, making them extremely outdated.

So when you compare those old 1976 “safe levels” to some California state scientists’ public health goals for a couple different radium isotopes set in 2006, still 12 years ago, those goals were hundreds of times more stringent than the EPA’s standard.

A difference between hundreds of times the amount of radium: that goes to show that nobody’s “safe standard” is really backed by anything. Wouldn’t it make more sense to believe that all quantities of radioactive material are generally not good?

If you’d like to know which state had the most radium in its water, unfortunately that would be Texas. There’s a lot to love about Texas, the culture of freedom, the right to bear arms, the respect and kindness a lot of people there have, but unfortunately some of them accepted military activity, oil drilling activity, and all kinds of things that would have unforeseen consequences.

It’s a bad situation in California as well. A couple years ago, it was reported that Central California elementary schools were finding radioactive uranium in their water.

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At Westport Elementary School, outside Modesto, California, Uranium was found in the school’s well water. It was taken away by workers in masks, gloves and other garments, and they had to install some type of extremely expensive uranium removal facility.

Chromium-6 is another toxin frequently found in American tap water, and it’s highly linked to cancer, with some neighborhoods full of cancer victims in North Sacramento, California where water was severely contaminated with it from the nearby McClellan air force base presumably.

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