Vegan Protest Crashed By Two Men Eating Raw Liver On The Street

In Melbourne, Australia, two men recently crashed a vegan activist group and began eating raw liver in front of them in a counter-protest. The vegan activists were displaying televisions showing conditions in factory farms. Meanwhile, the meat activists were standing in front of them eating very large pieces of raw liver. The men were heard shouting things like “veganism makes people malnourished.”

“You don’t understand you’re making people sick,” one of the men said.

In the video, the two groups can be seen taunting each other. At one point, a vegan says to one of the counter-protesters ‘You look really proud of yourself.’

“I am proud,” he replied.

As the two groups began to debate one another, a crowd forms around them, and many people begin recording the incident.

One person in the crowd shouted out in support of the meat eaters, saying that “I think what you’re doing is awesome. The fact that you’ve got the guts to be here to show your perspective, I think it’s awesome.”

After the incident, a spokesperson for Animal Activist Collective told The Daily Mail the counter-protest was the work of ex-vegans who are followers of the popular YouTuber ‘sv3rige.’

“They were encouraged to do this by a YouTuber by the name of ‘sv3rige’ which they follow as though his word is gospel. These ex-vegans’ usually then go on to blame a plant-based diet based on their misguided idea of what a healthy vegan diet is and end up taking things to an even more extreme,” the statement read.

As with most issues related to veganism, commenters were divided by their reactions.

‘I wonder if he knows how dumb he looking eating that and he definitely gon end up sick soooo what did he accomplish??’ one person wrote.

‘Vegans the real savages, they gotta kill hundreds of animals to keep from eating the crops they buy,’ another person said.

Photo Credit: YouTube

It seems that the infamous YouTuber engages in these same types of protests too. The provocative personality has been recorded eating a decapitated squirrel in the middle of a vegan market, as well as eating a raw pig’s head outside of a vegan festival.

“My message is that veganism is malnutrition and the reason I and other people eat raw meat is to show what humans eat in nature. We try to talk to with the vegans and explain to them that there are over 15 nutrients that they can’t get from plants. Quite often, we do make them understand and get them to look into it a bit more,” he said in a statement after one of his protests.

Ironically enough, these gruesome protests seem to be having the opposite effect for some people, with many being grossed out by the idea of eating raw meat.

— Diora (@DioraBoros) March 30, 2019

Tim Barford, Vegfest UK manager, told the Brighton and Hove Independent, “We knew about the planned protest and were expecting 30 protestors – three turned up, which was slightly sad for them and reminiscent of a Nigel Farage march. But they proceeded to upset kids and members of the public, and with that in mind, the police arrived, gave them a warning and sent them packing. What was interesting was that we had meat-eating members of the public saying that this revolting spectacle had encouraged them to give up eating meat – so it seems the anti-vegan protest actually encouraged people to go vegan.”
A lot of everyday people walking past were also repulsed by the sight of a pig’s head which is interesting as most of these people eat pigs as well. It goes to show what we already know, that people don’t like seeing the faces of the animals they eat. Eating animals is eating a product of torture and death. Why is animal abuse so normalized when it’s in a burger but shocking when we see the being behind the burger?” a spokesperson for the group said.

In an interview after eating the pig’s head outside of the vegan festival, the YouTuber admitted that he was a former vegan.

We did it – it was eight of us – because veganism is malnutrition and you can’t get over 15 nutrients from plants and some of us are ex-vegans who got sick because of it,” he said.

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