Woman Smashed Laptop Over Boyfriends Head On Airplane For “Looking At Other Women”

On July 22, footage began to circulate on social media, which showed a woman smash a laptop over her boyfriend’s head because she didn’t like the way that he looked at another woman. To make this encounter even more strange, the whole thing unfolded on an airplane as surprised passengers watched.

Luckily, the plane was not actually in the air, but the couple caused quite the scene. The woman in the video reportedly became belligerent with her boyfriend after he looked at another woman. As she began to get loud enough for the whole plane to hear, flight attendants and nearby passengers attempted to intervene and calm her down, but nothing would stop her.

The video begins with the woman shouting at the man to ‘shut the f**k up,’ before shouting ‘you wanna f**king try to look at other women?’

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One of the flight attendants tried to tell the woman that she was disturbing one of the children that were sitting nearby, but she just shot back ‘yeah I know, I f***ing consoled the f***ing child’.

When she was once again told to calm down by one of the flight attendants the woman shouted ‘he’s the f***ing problem!’

At that point, the flight attendants tell the woman that she can no longer be on the airplane because of her outburst. The woman responds by telling her boyfriend that if he doesn’t leave with her, he will never see her again.

‘That’s fine!” he responded back.

Photo Credit: @juliascorupco/Twitter

The man seemed to remain calm throughout the entire encounter and tried his best to distance himself and get away from her.

Then the situation really got out of hand when the man accused her of assaulting him.

After that, she freaked out and smashed a laptop over his head, but that was just the beginning of her rampage.

Photo Credit: @juliascorupco/Twitter

She then begins pushing him down the aisle and hitting him in the back of the head before a member of the staff threatened to call the police and charge her with assault.

When one of the staff members tells the woman she is going to be charged with assault, she replies “fine, whatever.”

At the end of the video, the man can be seen leaving the plane, trying to get away from the woman.

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