2,500-Year-Old Chariot Unearthed, Complete with Horses and “Fighter”

At a Yorkshire, UK building site, last year remains that have been referred to as “highly unusual” by experts were discovered.

The remains are an estimated 2,500 year old, and the find is being considered of “international significance,” one of the only 26 ever actually excavated in the UK. This is said to be the first discovery of its kind in the past 200 years.

A housing development in Pockington, East Yorkshire was the location where these incredibly strange remains were found, forcing the planners to more than likely not build at that location anymore.

To make matters more strange, the archaeologists working at the site report that the remains may be connected to some human burial ritual.

More information is set to be revealed upon further analysis and testing of the remains. This is what was reported in March 2017, more developments on the situation may have occurred since then, but not major headlines.

According to one article, “Paula Ware, from MAP Archaeological Practice, told BBC News that the find could shed more light on Iron Age burial rituals. She said that the positioning and close proximity of the horses to the chariot suggests they played a key role in the burial ceremony.

Ms Ware added that the ‘rare discovery’ would help researchers better understand the Arras culture – a group of people who lived in the region at the time. In 2014 a housing developer stumbled upon the site and now the ancient settlement is said to be of extreme ‘national and international significance’.”

From that point on, more than 75 Iron Age burial graves given the name “barrows” have been found. Then in 2016, at the site a buried Iron Age fighter as he was described was found. They believe it was a “migrant camp.”

The man they found was more than likely in his late teens or 20’s. He passed away with his sword right by his side. Before passing away, he reportedly had six spears pressed into him “like a hedgehog.”

This archaeological find will probably allow for the largest study of a population from the Iron Age in the past 35 years, according to developers at the site.

After breaking ground in September 2014, developer David Wilson Homes found the settlement at Pavilion Square.

A sword, ten spears, a shield and more Iron Age objects were located at the site. Continuing from the Daily Mail:

“In addition to the weapons, more than 360 amber and glass beads, brooches and ancient pots have been unearthed.

A spokesman from the developers said the majority of barrows excavated have been well-preserved, with only a few being damaged by soil conditions and ploughing.”

“A major focus area of the archaeological analysis will concentrate on whether the population is indigenous, or migrants from the European continent.

Analysis will also hopefully reveal how those buried at the site died, what stresses their bodies had been placed under during their lifespan, and whether or not they were related.”

The discovery of Iron Age artifacts in the UK, where it didn’t seem so populous at that time, is very interesting. As always, anybody placing their faith in an official mainstream narrative on history should thoroughly investigate all the claims made.

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