Cody Ko Net Worth: Bio, Age, Height & Career

Cody Ko is the online alias of popular YouTuber, Rapper, and Podcaster Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk. Cody was one of the original creators to gain fame through the now-extinct video platform Vine. He became an online sensation through his funny skits and Vines. After Vine went down, Cody moved on to other platforms like Instagram and more importantly, Youtube, where he currently uploads his content for nearly 6 million of his subscribers. Cody has also been active as an occasional rapper since 2017 in a duo formed alongside his friend and fellow creator Noah Miller.

Cody is a Canadian national, born in Calgary, Alberta on 22 November 1990. Since his childhood, Cody was interested in computers and the internet which not only led him to his current status but also the initial stages of his career. He went to North Carolina’s Duke University to study Computer Science as his major and graduated in 2012. During his college, Cody had started programming and developed his first app called “I’d Cap That”. The app was available for iPhones exclusively and allowed users to add captions to images easily. At its peak, the app had over 4 million users within months of launch. The app got great exposure and ended up getting acquired by a mobile application company Iddiction.

After graduation, the first job that Cody picked up was that of an iOs developer at Fullscreen LLC. Vine was the biggest trend around that time and Cody too decided to jump onto the bandwagon. He also created his first YouTube channel in 2014 for random content including but not limited to vlogs. Cody became known for his commentaries on various topics, YouTubers, and celebrities which he still does often. The channel has more than 5.8 million subscribers today with over 1.2 billion total views.

In 2017, Cody created his second channel called ‘Cody & Ko’ which was originally meant for vlogs exclusively. At present, the channel features a wide variety of content and has 1.46 million subscribers.

Noah Miller, a YouTuber, and Viner has been friends with Cody for a long time and used to be featured in his various videos as well. In 2017, they decided to form a rap duo called ‘Tiny Meat Gang’ and released their first EP “Bangers & Ass” in December that year. Their second EP titled ‘Locals Only’ came out in 2018 and by 2019, the duo was signed to the Arista Records label. They have released 9 singles from 2017 to 2021 as well. Miller and Cody also host a podcast known as the ‘Tiny Meat Gang Podcast’. At the 2019 Shorty Awards, it was awarded the best podcast of the year.

From 2017 to 2020 Cody starred as one of the leads in a popular web series “The Real Bros of Simi Valley”. He also played a role in the short film ‘Suki’ in 2019.

Cody is engaged to fellow YouTuber Kelsey Kreppel known for her lifestyle content. She regularly appears in Cody’s videos, especially as a part of their ‘Couple’s Cringe’ video series.

Birthday & Zodiac Details

  • Date of Birth – November 22, 1990
  • Birthplace    – Calgary, Alberta.
  • Zodiac sign    – Sagittarius

Body Appearance Height, Weight

  • Height – 5’8”
  • Weight – 150 lbs / 68 kg

Other Facts

  • Profession – YouTuber, Podcaster, Actor, Rapper.
  • Educational Qualification  – Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science
  • Religion – Christianity
  • Nick Name – Cody Ko
  • Nationality   – Canadian
  • Residence – Los Angeles, California

Social Media Account

  • Instagram – (
  • Twitter    – (
  • Fb    –  (


Cody has an estimated net worth of around $6 million at present. He makes most of his earnings from his two YouTube channels. His channels have nearly 7 million subscribers combined with more than a billion total views. He has also released two rap EPs as a part of the comedy hip-hop duo ‘Tiny Meat Gang’.


What year was Cody Ko born?

Cody Ko was born in 1990.

How old is Cody Ko?

Cody Ko is 32 years old.

How much is Cody Ko worth?

Cody Ko is worth around $6 million.

What is Cody Ko’s net worth?

Cody Ko’s net worth around $6 million.

How tall is Cody Ko?

Cody Ko is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Where does Cody Ko live?

Cody Ko lives in Los Angeles, California now.

Where was Cody Ko born?

Cody Ko was born in Calgary, Alberta.

Where is Cody Ko now?

Cody Ko is in Los Angeles, California now.

Where is Cody Ko from?

Cody Ko is from Calgary, Alberta.

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