Father Carrying His Toddler Like A Duffle Bag Goes ViraI

It’s not often that regular, happy things go viral, things that depict a happy family getting along, or things of that nature. Recently an exception to that rule was exemplified by a video of a parent having to be disciplined with his 2 year old daughter who wouldn’t come inside after they were in the car.

The man’s daughter, 2 year old Juliette, decided that she was fed up with walking for the day, and just laid herself down on the driveway.

After refusing to get up and come inside the house, in one fatherly epic and effortless motion, the father picked up his daughter and carried her inside. The full video can be seen here.

“What’s even funnier is that she is more than 3-feet-tall and over 37 pounds heavy and the jacket didn’t break,” said her mother, the person who filmed the video, “She often does stuff like this and this is just how we love her.”

It was explained that she was arriving home from “school.” The idea of being in school at the age of two is jaw dropping. Do the parents really have to work so hard to put food on the table that they decide to mark that moment of separation most parents feel between their kids at the young age of two?

So quite understandably, as apparently the toddler has to be in daycare all day but they referred to it as school, she lays down in the driveway out of protest.

(Image credit: Bored Panda)

Without stopping so much as a second, the father came back to the car to swoop her up. Hopefully the loving dad understands that being away from your parents all day at that age is exactly the type of experience that would inspire a toddler to protest.

(Image credit: Bored Panda)

(Image credit: Bored Panda)

All kinds of ladies and mothers commented about how difficult it is to get their kids up and everything like that, and they’re not lying, being a parent is hard work. But why did none of them mention the fact that it’s extreme to put a child in daycare or some kind of school at the age of two?

(Image credit: Bored Panda)

(Image credit: Bored Panda)

(Image credit: Bored Panda)

If you think about it, putting your child in daycare at the age of two is more than twice as fast as the traditional, still kind of institutional, norm of a child going to preschool or kindergarten at the age of 4 or 5.

Is it the fact that people have to make so much money to survive, that even two parent households decide to put their toddlers into daycare? Is it because they have to work all day just to provide enough for their families?

Single parents often feel pressured into relinquishing the most valuable years with their children, years they will never get back that they could use to bond to their baby, to daycare because they have to work so hard just to put food on the table.

So when two parents are together, why would they voluntarily relinquish some precious years and moments with their children by working for more money? Is more money really more important or does it defeat the purpose?

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