Father of Kidnapped Son gets Revenge

Here is a modern story that should go down in the history books.

Have you ever been to Louisiana in the 1980’s? On March 16th, 1984 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the media focused their cameras on the proven rapist and kidnapper Jeff Doucet.

Karate instructor Jeff Doucet was proven to have repeatedly raped an 11 year old boy named Jody Plauche. A rape kit proved that he took the boy to Disneyland, and sodomized Jody Plauche a number of times at the location.

So on that March day in 1984, the pedophile was displaying the classic psychopathic body language of a predator, walking through the Baton Rouge airport with an arrogant air to him. He had apparently little remorse, no fear and no reservation. Some articles note he walked like he was some kind of celebrity.

But the father of that boy, Gary Plauche was not putting up any sort of demeanor.

Gary Plauche: Farther (Shooter)

As you can see in the video above, Gary patiently waited by a group of pay phones, with a .38 snub-nosed revolver pistol in his right boot. He was facing toward the wall, talking on a pay phone to his good friend Jimmy.

Gary quietly concluded “Here he comes. You’re about to hear a shot.”

So Mr. Plauche drew his pistol, turned around a blasted Jeff Doucet with a hollow point round directly into his brain from a distance of about 3 feet. He put away his pistol, and hung up the phone. Within about 24 hours, the pedophile had died.

Jeff Doucet (Kidnapper)

Gary’s wife June saw what happened on the news, and went to see him that night in jail. Apparently she said “You’re going to hell for this, you know that, right?”

“I know,” Gary replied.

He didn’t receive a very harsh sentence: just a suspended sentence of seven years, five years of probation, and 300 hours of community service. He went through his community service mostly mowing the grass at the local church, and the judge plainly said that he was no threat to the community.

Surprisingly to this day, the boy who was abused is now an adult man and he for some reason regrets that his father killed this man.

Now roughly 46 years old, the boy said:

“I didn’t want him dead. I just wanted him to stop.”

According to an ESPN article:

“Jody went on to be a four-sport letterman in high school, but the most important thing he’s done is teach parents how to reduce the risk of pedophiles such as Doucet and Sandusky molesting their kids, through his work at a victims’ services center in Norristown, Penn.”

Jody continued:

“I got a letter once from a woman, who wrote, ‘I told my daughter if somebody ever touches you inappropriately, it’s not murder. It’s worse than murder. It kills a child’s soul.’ So what’s that little girl supposed to say if she ever gets molested?” says Jody Plauche. “She doesn’t want her soul to die. So she doesn’t tell anybody.”

“My dad was absolutely too extreme,” Jody continued. “He used to tell people, ‘If anybody ever touches my kid, I’ll kill him.’ I knew he wasn’t kidding. That’s why I couldn’t tell anybody. And that’s exactly what he ended up doing.”

Was what this father did really too extreme?

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