These Are Nostradamus’ Predictions For 2019: Global War Starting with France

One seer, the famous Michel de Nostredame, otherwise known as Nostradamus is still famous here at the end of 2018, after being deceased for over 400 years. The main reason is a book the man wrote back in 1555, titled Les Propheties.

Les Propheties is a collection of about 1,000 quatrains, or four-line verses that rhyme, that are said to have predicted a number of future events. It’s difficult to understand exactly how each quatrain pertains to a specific year or period of time, but it has been widely reported including in the mainstream media, that Nostradamus’ 2018/2019 predictions are quite grave.

Nostradamus’ prophecy for 2018/2019 includes the start for World War 3 as some interpret it, with a conflict beginning in France and spreading throughout Europe and the world. It sounds exactly reminiscent of what is going on in France, which now includes what they claim is a terror event in the form of the Strasbourg Attack, along with the massive Yellow Vest Protest Movement.

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The prophecy even includes some natural disaster in the West, which many people interpret as the wildfires this year in California, the West Coast of the Western country of the United States.

Nostradamus wrote, presumably in a translation, “the big war will start in France and all Europe will be attacked, it will be long and terrifying for everyone and then finally there will be peace but only a few will enjoy it – a war will start between the two great world powers and it will last for a period of 27 years.”

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This also quite closely follows a prophecy promoted by a Torah sage known as the Chofetz Chaim, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan, and his prediction was that a third World War would begin 75 years after the beginning of the second one, and he made that prediction just before World War II.

There are a few distinct theories as to how a human being could predict the future like this. The first possibility is that a man or woman actually has some kind of connection to the future, capable of seeing future events in their mind’s eye or something like that, that a person is literally a seer because they have some ability most people wouldn’t be willing to believe in.

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The second possibility, would be that powers in the world are actually trying to bring Nostradamus’ “predictions” to fruition, and perhaps he was part of a clique of power who wanted to, on a long-term scale, bring some kind of prophecy to fruition, perhaps to make people accept the war.

Or, there is always the third possibility that all the predictions are coincidences.

Oddly, one article from the Inquistr claims that Nostradamus’ prophecy says “An earthquake shall concern particularly the western area of the United States. Its power shall be felt in lands throughout the globe,” which must be some kind of terrible translation, because the United States obviously did not exist in 1555 at the time of the book’s publication.

What do you think will really happen? Why do these predictions seem so accurate, and how can we verify that the verse was actually talking about 2018-2019?

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