People Want Santa to be Female Or Gender Neutral

Headlines are currently being made about people claiming that the fictional, Christmas related character Santa Claus should be gender neutral or female.

If you look at the origin of this story about people suggesting Santa should be gender neutral or female, it really comes back to the television program Good Morning Britain, with Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan and his co-host covered a story on that mainstream media program about a survey that claimed about 19 percent of Americans surveyed believed Santa Claus should be female or gender neutral. Also, they talked about two women in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham who volunteered to play the role of Santa as part of a festive tour.

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The survey was conducted by GraphicSprings, a logo creation company, and they asked 400 people from the US and UK how they feel about a gender neutral or female Santa, and they report that over 10 percent said Santa should be a woman.

As mentioned on the television program, somebody was opposed to the UK women trying to play Santa on that tour, labor councillor Arun Chandran, and he said: “There is no shortage of male volunteers to act as Santa Claus, so we should not permit a female volunteer to perform the role.

“My understanding is that Santa Claus, otherwise called Father Christmas, is a male role.”

Now, here’s the balance to be struck in realistically understanding what is happening here. It’s kind of going against the grain of what people naturally do, but a whole lot of television programs, celebrities and people with some influence, seem to be promoting this concept of gender neutrality and all of that.

On one hand, of course it doesn’t matter what people do with their lives, and nobody should hate someone for being whatever they want to be, but it’s also true without a doubt that for some odd reason it’s being promoted heavily in the media.

Some people think there’s some agenda to promote gender neutral type things, and there’s a lot of ways people could argue about that, why it might be promoted, why Hollywood is how it is. In any case, I think what people are seeing with figures like Piers Morgan getting bitter about questions like this, is the fact that he is noticing the people directing his program keep bringing up the same topic.

The people producing his program probably tried to make him irritated in order to generate a little bit of controversy, to raise the amount of people viewing it.

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So now, headlines are being made about Piers Morgan, and now he’s probably starting to feel like Alex Jones: oh how the tables have turned. He “lashed out” as one article put it, and he said: “Father Christmas, as his name suggests, is male. Father Christmas, for all of time, has been Father Christmas.”

“He’s called Father Christmas!” he said, and proceeded to mess up the paper. “The world’s gone nuts.”

Last year, Piers Morgan made money for Good Morning Britain because of a video that received over half a million views, where he got angry at a headteacher for the same type of issue. The video’s description sums it up well:

“As teachers are being advised not to refer to female pupils as ‘girls’, Charlotte Avery, President of the Girls’ Schools Association, joins Good Morning Britain to debate why she agrees with this move.”

It’s kind of an uncomfortable issue to talk about because if you notice that the media is obsessed with reversed gender roles, people might accuse you of criticizing people who like that kind of thing. Let’s be honest: it’s not difficult to recognize the difference between a trend that organically arose because people just happened to start doing it, and a trend that was set in motion because of the media.

This entire little issue that is making the media money with the cycle of headlines is based around Santa Claus. What even is Santa Claus?

The myth of Santa Claus originated with Saint Nicholas as many people know, and the full name of the old Santa Claus was Saint Nicholas of Myra.

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It’s strange to think how deep our old traditions go.

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