France Deploys 89,000 Cops, 80 Armored Vehicles in Preparation for Yellow Vest Revolution

From an outside perspective, it’s not that easy to tell what is happening in France right now. The first reaction a lot of people seem to be having to this situation is that the French are doing something about being so fed up with high taxes. If that’s to a great extent what this is about, it seems good that people are trying to do something about it.

It was just reported that security forces in Paris are getting ready to deploy up to 80 armored vehicles, in an attempt to protect property in anticipation of “extreme violence” and riots.

Saturday is when the next Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) protest is set to take place. The vehicle known as a Berliet VXB-170, more commonly known as a VBRG is set to be deployed in areas they claim are most likely to be vandalized or suffer from violence. The VBRG vehicles were designed in the 1960’s, and the 12 ton, 19 foot long tanks are equipped with a 7.62mm machine gun, and a grenade launcher with a caliber or either 37mm or 40mm.

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Just imagine this, and tell me you feel comfortable with the government having the ability or excuse to do this: up to 89,000 police and gendartmes will be deployed across France, and that includes at least 8,000 in Paris.

That’s almost 100,000 people being deployed in opposition to the regular people of a country not agreeing with the governments exploitation of their money, their survival, through taxes, if that is in fact what the protest is generally about.

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The officials said what you would expect them to, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said this week “We are facing people who are not there to demonstrate but are there to smash things up and we want to make sure we’re not leaving them to do what they want.”

Here’s where it gets even more disturbing: the Paris Police would set up a “judicial center” to deal with the anticipated 600 to 800 arrests. That sounds an awful lot like a concentration camp. That was said by David LeBars, Secretary General of the National Union of Police Commissioners (SNCP).

 Paris is locking down. Businesses and authorities are reportedly preparing for some kind of mayhem, and banks, restaurants, shops and other businesses have reportedly boarded themselves up to prevent damage from being done. For example, the Eiffel Tower will be closed.

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There is an unofficial spokesman for the Yellow Vest movement, they’re all wearing a type of bright yellow vest truck drivers are required to wear in France, and his name is Benjamin Cauchy. He said the group wanted to meet with Macron because “insurrection is at the gates of France and we don’t want any deaths this weekend.”

A viral video is circulating right now, also probably fueling tensions in France, because it shows police detaining some high school students, “execution-style,” as they were protesting for education reform in north-central Mantes-la-Jollie.

One post recently made to Reddit explored the different demands made by the people in the Yellow Vest movement.

The first several demands listed in this person’s notes are visible here, derived from this French page you can find and translate here if you prefer.

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The demands continue, they want an end to “CICE,” a certain tax program, and in its place they want a French industry for hydrogen-powered cars.

Address the causes of forced migration, the demands continue. The cause would most definitely have to be war.

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