Science Reveals What Humans Will Look Like In 1000 Years… And It’s Bizarre

What will the world look like 1,000 years from now? More importantly, what will humans look like? One video, created by an organization called ASAPScience, set to find out. The answers are a little bit disturbing, but also incredibly compelling.

According to the video, humans in 1,000 years will have significantly different faces, eyes, and skin color, as we adapt to the changing environment caused by global warming. To see more predictions on how the human body will adapt, see the photos and video below.

One prediction is that humans will all have red eyes.

There are a multitude of other ideas about how we will physically evolve as well

The video argues that in the future, nanobots will integrate into our bodies — think of it as an Apple watch that you never take off.

In the video, scientists predicted that our faces will go from looking like this…

…to looking like this. At least it appears that our brains have gotten bigger?

See more of ASAPScience’s future predictions in the video below.

Source: By Amanda AsapSCIENCE,

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