Guy Makes Chat Group With Various Ex-Girlfriends to Wish Them a “Merry Ex-Mas”

It’s a terrible experience for some when they encounter one of their ex-partners, especially in the company of their current partner. However, the more comfortable and real you and your loved one are with each other, the less it matters, as a broad generality.

Ever heard British humor? It’s not as rowdy as American humor, it’s a little more dry. Well recently, in the UK one man named Tom decided to create a little WhatsApp group, to invite all his ex-girlfriends to a group titled “Merry ex-mas.”

To be real, at first it looked like this guy definitely isn’t getting laid this Christmas. Sounds like a joke someone would make after they’ve repelled all women in their life.

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At first, someone named Gemma seemed interested.

Well, apparently he cheated on the girl named Bella, who exclaimed “Do you really think this is funny? Putting me in a group with a girl I know you fucking slept with while we were together!?”

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The woman named Steph fell right for the trap, and said “Ok woah pet think what you want but Tom said you weren’t together after the holiday cause you ***ked it.”

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Wow. This asshole ended up with some girl named Gemma actually going out with him for a drink.

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There’s not a lot else to say here, in America someone would be getting slapped in the face. In the UK, the conversation ends with “fancy a drink?”

What really binds people in a relationship these days? It doesn’t seem like a lot of people are that loyal to each other, or that connected in life. Some would say it requires real things in common, things both people in a relationship understand that few other people understand, some real connection for a relationship to work nowadays (or ever).

For people who have a true connection like that, trust, commitment, this type of thing shouldn’t even bother them: people with true, strong connection are sometimes even able to be polyamorous with no problem. It can get as extreme as two consenting individuals want: if they have something that really connects them, loyalty, honesty. Who cares, what your partner did in the past, if they are real now?

There’s something shallow and dull about the culture of “going to get a drink” and all that. People need to make things more interesting, have a smoke of some damn ganja instead. Go out to nature, go sit on a hill and smoke a blunt, take a road trip, do something other than go to a bar and drink alcohol. Besides, how do men expect it to be a good idea, taking girls to bars, when a little too much alcohol will ruin their ability to have stamina that night?

Alcohol is surprisingly incompatible with romance: people would be well advised to cut that sh** out, grow some extra confidence and take a girl to a better location. Go look at the stars and drive out past the city, go listen to some music on a portable speaker out there, do something that people don’t usually do and get creative.

Life gets really stale when people dwell within a tiny little bubble of social acceptability.

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