Man Proves Software Stole Votes in All ‘Hillary Won’ Counties

By: choiceandtruth

“For $15 and in-depth knowledge of the card, you could hack the vote,” a professional hacker told named Brian Varner told CBS in an interview recently.

Well now, we’ve got definitive testimony explaining how the voting boxes themselves were tampered with to fix the vote.

Speaker Elliot Crown was one of only a few citizens that were allowed to speak and he used his time well, by presenting clear PROOF that suggest their was massive voter fraud conducted in ALL NYC counties hillary won because of THIS special black box:

CBS reports;

Symantec Security Response director Kevin Haley said elections can also be hacked by breaking into the machines after the votes are collected.

“The results go from that machine into a piece of electronics that takes it to the central counting place,” Haley said. “That data is not encrypted and that’s vulnerable for manipulation.”

“How big of a hacking potential problem is this?” Villarreal asked him.

“Well, there’s a huge potential,” Haley responded. “There are so many places in the voting process once it goes electronic that’s vulnerable.”

It goes much deeper than what this guy is talking about though, there is still the Electoral College which is the real power behind the elective process.

The Electoral College consists of 538 electors and they actually decide who the president will be. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President.

What this essentially means, is regardless of whether a candidate wins most of the votes from the people, it’s still up to the Electoral College to decide who they want to be the president.

So if it’s not rigged at the ballot box, it could just as easily be rigged by the Electoral College.

The whole system is rigged and voting in them is a stupid game that we shouldn’t even play anymore. So what should we do then? How can we make any difference when the system is rigged like this?


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