KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Vocalist Jesse Leach Releases Powerful Statement: “I can not stay silent anymore”

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It seems that just about every week that goes by another person of ‘celebrity status’ or of social significance comes out sharing powerful thoughts geared towards inspiring others to think differently, reflect on our world, or reflect on ourselves.

Sure, there have been many activists in our past and it may also be true that due to the internet, actions taken by people in the form of activism get seen and heard a lot more. Regardless, there is A LOT of movement going on in an effort to make our world a better place, and it’s incredible to watch.

The latest, lead vocalist of Killswitch Engage, Jesse Leach, has come out with a powerful statement stating he can no longer stay silent and that simple internet hashtags alone won’t create the change we need on this planet. I entirely agree.

As I was recording Chapter 1 of my book in the car on the way to work today I was focusing on the all important first chapter. “Every Reason To Be Hopeful” it’s called. In my view, we’re being asked to make a dramatic shift in the way we perceive ourselves and our world. This isn’t about small shifts in our political system, economic landscape, social rights or how we can make a small change in minimum wage; this is about shifting our human consciousness. Gone are the days when these small adjustments appeased our ego minds and here are the days where a DEEP shift is necessary.

I’ve written about this topic in great lengths, have made a film on it, and have spent the last 9 years of my life researching and sharing the message about it. There’s nothing more obvious in our world than one simple fact: something needs to change and it needs to change fast. This isn’t about creating panic, fear or anxiety, this is about facing head on the shifts we need to make in ourselves which will in turn result in shifting our world. We can’t keep turning a blind eye to what we know we wish to change in our world, we must start taking action on it. Of course, that change starts with each of us.

Perhaps Jesse’s words will resonate with you. Even though they may feel heated or judgemental at moments, we challenge our readers to move beyond as part of the process as there is a very clear desire for loving change on this planet.

Here is Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach’s statement:

“Knowing full well the insurmountable ridicule and abuse I may receive from this post (by those polarized in one direction or the other) I can not stay silent anymore. I realize my thoughts, concerns and observations may mean nothing to you. If that is the case simply stop reading. For those reading on, thank you and back to your regular unscheduled program of social media to resume in a minute or two.

– I can’t just take a “side” or allow a hashtag to define my grief (we all have our ways to mourn with respect). I have been contemplating and mourning the current state of the world and this country for days now. I still find it hard to find the words, but I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror tomorrow if I didn’t attempt to formulate my thoughts and speak my mind and heart.

I mourn the murder of any human! The fact that we as a people use death as a political platform or an agenda is despicable. The denying of deep rooted inequality is also equally despicable! How can we foster progress and actual equality when no one is willing to listen to each other? We must be willing to be considerate and walk in one another’s shoes to find understanding. I don’t see much of that sadly, just division and disregard for one another.

What a sad, troubled and shockingly ignorant state of affairs we are caught in these days. The division between us as a people grows daily due tragic events paired alongside calculated disinformation and false flag or “wagging the dog” (look up these terms if you are not familiar and then examine certain current events that change over time). There is much outside of our history books and news reports to learn from. These days we are swallowing blindly what they feed us. Instead of uniting to stand against a common enemy (the ones in power that manipulate justice and care not for the common people). Instead we are divided against each other! While we bicker and fight over hashtags and who’s killing who, the clandestine dismantling of this country and the world economy continues unchecked.

Racism (among many other warped and conditioned hateful thinking) is alive and well people! It is being arrogantly displayed by many on both “sides” of the current issues. Yet we are distracted by social status, fantasy games and vanity glued to our phones like zombies. We swallow manufactured media as click bait conspiracies to occupy our minds. We have been warned for decades about these times from literature, to movies and songs. Yet here we are in the midst of yet another crucial downfall and all we are doing is infighting and pointing fingers at each other. When in fact the blame lies upon those in high “authority.” Those very few at the top who oversee the passing and amending of laws, the controlling of wealth and the distribution of power ARE the divisors and dictators of the system.

We have been conditionally dumbed down, divided and controlled. This is “idiocracy” in full effect, but the vast majority can’t see it! We have been indoctrinated and brain washed so cleverly, patiently and precisely that the vast majority are completely unaware of the state of emergency. We lash out against one another in fear and anger. Anyone trying to make a change and speak out is violently and or verbally struck down by an opposing view. It’s ether that or threatened, ridiculed or simply… silenced in death.

How many more of “US” will die before we realize the truth has been disguised?

How long do we allow those in control to manipulate us, humiliate us, steal from us and kill us like pawns in their game of power? There has got to be a better way. There has got to be a radical change. Sadly I fear the worst as it seems most are too far gone, trapped in the “matrix” as it were.

The only thing I can offer is my personal action. My lyrics in my music, my choices, the companies I support or boycott with money. The effort I will put forth to be understanding, compassionate and yes, loving when I have the strength. My faith is, that there is enough good with us all to begin to heal and help one another (even in small simple ways).

For those of you who believe in God I urge you to pray. For those of you who gather in protest and activism do so in peace. For those of you in uniform show honor and control. For those of you who have compassion and charity to give, give it in abundance. We are facing troubling times and I feel it will only get worse before it improves. In the meantime pause and think before you speak or act and ask yourself “am I a part of the problem or a part of the solution.” You can control and change the way you think and act.

Think about this, if only for a moment.

I am just a man trying to find understanding and do the best that I can to help in anyway. I will continue to strive to write lyrics and songs for ALL of us. I will strive to be an instrument of light and hope in this world of darkness (albeit a flawed, sarcastic, head case of an instrument)….but It’s all I have and all I can offer at present.

I am heartbroken for us all but I won’t give up on trying to make this world a better place one little tiny effort after another.

Be good to one another

With respect and sincerity

Peace, love, wisdom, strength and light to all!” (Source)

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