Migrant Caravan: Eyewitness Journalist Confirms Media Is Purposefully Deceiving You

Luke Rudkowski, journalist from We Are Change notorious for confronting powerful, wealthy individuals who were further popularized by his videos (such as Lord Rothschild) recently went down to Tijuana, Mexico to try and see what was really happening with the opinion of people on the ground where asylum seekers in the “migrant caravan” have gathered.

The people from fellow alternative media outlet Collective Evolution interviewed Luke after he went to Tijuana. The video begins with the interviewer pretty objectively asking Luke what he saw in Tijuana, with the caravan of people and asylum seekers who reached the border.

He was asked, what do the people on the ground really look like? Who is trying to get to safety by getting over the Mexican border? He replied something along the lines of, one side of the political spectrum believes all the asylum seekers are dangerous, “fighting age males” or something like that, and the other side of the political divide believes it’s nothing but women and children.

He claimed the truth was somewhere in the middle according to what he saw. However, the interview started getting into a suspicious territory, asking where the asylum seekers got bus tickets and everything like that.

It’s a very difficult issue to examine. Personally I believe people should be allowed to freely move how they please, across borders, and people should maintain friendly, strong relationships with their neighbors and exercise self defense, just like in Texas, or the famed militia groups of Southwestern Mexico.

In any case, there seems to be something dangerous and negative, divisive and bitter about a lot of the attitudes that feel threatened by the migrants and people seeking asylum in the US. People should never be blindly trusting of anyone, from immigrants to government officials, but why do people feel so threatened by these particular people?

On a more positive note, there’s an even more up-close, personal story connected to this, another viewpoint through which it’s easy to separate fact from fiction, and it’s easy to see these asylum seekers are real people.

Brendon Tucker of Canyon Lake, Texas, 23, managed to single-handedly raise over $38,000 on a GoFundMe that went viral several months ago, with the purpose of helping, feeding, clothing, and sheltering people seeking asylum from Mexico. He moved to Brownsville, Texas and dedicated all his time to this.

(Image credit: Facebook)

The need to seek asylum, anywhere they can possibly find it, is no joke for so many Mexican people. It’s a war zone in Mexico, and people get extorted, even people with almost nothing, and people get hurt sometimes for going against the people who extort them. Things like that really happen.

To send these people back to where extortion and violence may await them, well it’s basically like a death sentence.

So knowing this, growing up in Canyon Lake (not far from New Braunfels) and seeing what happens to people, Brendon Tucker decided to go to Brownsville and start this entire movement to help provide for asylum seekers who end up with nothing when they get dropped off there in Brownsville, if they make it to this side of the border.

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So a few months ago, after Tucker had major success raising all of this to help asylum seekers who make it to this side of the border, help them get a handle in life, a little food and shelter, something happened.

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The help he’s providing to people with his Brownsville team is being disrespected and threatened by the troops are arriving at the border.

Just got back from Matamoros where I took these pictures. U.S. military helicopters have been flying back and forth…

Posted by Brendon Tucker on Friday, November 2, 2018

Tucker’s team in Brownsville took this video, showing the police disrespectfully fly their helicopter and land it for no reason. Reports of border police aiming guns at random people for no reason are circulating.

WTH. There is no need for this you A hole

Posted by Sergio Cordova on Friday, November 2, 2018

We had a helicopter flying over our house yesterday morning, and at the bridge, it swooped down near a group of 21…

Posted by Debbie Nathan on Saturday, November 3, 2018

The truth usually is somewhere in the middle. Why would people feel so threatened by asylum seekers in particular?

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