Rothschild Banker Confronted Again!


Ever wondered what happens when you confront a Rothschild? Well that exactly what journalist Sonia Poulton, did.

This is type of confrontational journalism is nothing new though, other alternative media pioneers like AJ has trail blazed with stunts like breaking into the shadowy Bohemian Grove and was the first person to capture the occult activities otherwise hidden from the public.

Jones found his way into the 2,700 acre compound and said in a statement:

“Thank God I caught the whole thing on videotape because no one would believe me if I hadn’t.

I have trouble believing what I witnessed with my own two eyes. It was actually that bizarre.”

Sonia Poulton was waiting outside The People’s Voice creditors meeting in Harley Street, Central London when cameraman Lee Ryan spotted Baron Jacob Rothschild who came out of the building next door..

Here’s a brief conversation they managed to grab:


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