Huge Sunspot AR2665 Exploded on July 14th


[qrznow] A CME IS COMING: Huge sunspot AR2665 exploded on July 14th and hurled a bright coronal mass ejection (CME) into space. The expanding cloud will likely reach Earth on July 17th, sparking geomagnetic storms and high-latitude auroras. Stay tuned for improved predictions as NOAA analysts model the trajectory of the incoming CME.


From pittsburgh.cbslocal:

Get ready, parts of the Northeast may get quite the show Sunday night into Monday.

In fact, a “Geomagnetic Storm Watch” has been issued for July 16-17.

Earlier on Friday a huge sunspot (AR2665 if you are scoring at home) erupted on the surface of our sun. An enormous solar flare (explosion) lasting for more than two hours ejected from the area. This explosion produced what scientists call a “coronal mass ejection (CME)” and it is headed straight for our planet.

When this mass arrives on Sunday, it will likely spark geomagnetic storms and brilliant auroras for the high latitudes.

Pennsylvania is right on the edge of possible auroras.

Be sure to continue checking NOAA’s website to see if the path changes over the next couple of days.

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