What Fruits And Veggies Looked Like Before Humans Domesticated Them

By Amanda Froelich at trueactivist.com

From bananas to corn, to watermelon to eggplant, the popular crops many enjoy are drastically different than when our ancestors consumed them.

The next time you bite into a juicy piece of watermelon or indulge in the succulent experience of eating corn on the cob, remember that the crops once looked and tasted drastically different than they do today.

Foods such as bananas and eggplants have been selectively bred over centuries (which is a different process than splicing genes, referred to as genetically engineering) so they have traits which humans prefer, such as fewer seeds and tastier flesh.

Selective breeding entails a farmer selecting and growing crops that have preferred traits so that over time, the majority of the crop produces foods which are tastier and easier to eat. Wild watermelon, for example, has been bred so that it produces more flesh than seeds. Bananas, as well, once had hard more hard seeds than the sweet edible portion.

From carrots to corn, plants have evolved with human intervention so that they are now drastically different than they once were when our Paleolithic ancestors consumed them. The intriguing video below highlights this and more.

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