Man Loses His Mind And Attempts To Attack People In Brazilian Hospital

By: vidmax

Disturbing footage has captured the moment a man ‘walked like a zombie’ into a hospital in Brazil with a horrific bullet wound to the mouth.

Staff at the medical center feared the man had been ‘ possessed by the devil ‘ after his body appeared contorted as he screamed for assistance.

In the graphic footage, the man had blood dripping from an alleged bullet wound in his mouth, although it is not clear how he suffered the injury.

After arriving at the hospital , he was unable to straighten his body and walked around with his back almost bent double.

His eyes appeared wide and dark, and he spoke in a loud, raspy voice as he reportedly attempted to explain his situation to staff.

But the terrified employees were too frightened to approach the man.

In the clip, one member of staff appeared to reach out towards the man, before jumping backwards when he suddenly lurched towards him.


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