10 Warning Signs you’re Dealing with a Sociopath, Psychopath, or Narcissist

It can be argued very well that psych0pathy is one of the most important things in the entire world to understand, because the influence of psychopaths is so prominent in the world with the way wealth disparity happens, its influence is massive.

Even summarized by mainstream articles, like this one from Forbes with almost 200,000 views, titled “The Disturbing Link Between Psych0pathy And Leadership”:

“It is not the image we like to have when we think of business leaders. But troubling research indicates that in the ranks of senior management, psych0pathic behavior may be more common than we think – more prevalent in fact than the amount such seriously aberrant behavior occurs in the general population.

The Three Faces of Man from PowerPlay, 1985

The hallmarks of the psych0pathic personality involve egocentric, grandiose behavior, completely lacking empathy and conscience. Additionally, psychopaths may be charismatic, charming, and adept at manipulating one-on-one interactions.”

Psych0pathy is of course one of the most difficult “disorders” to spot, and they are particularly charming and kind, but if you look close, it’s all fake.Here are ten signs a person you know is actually a psych0path.

1. They constantly flatter and compliment you

Ever feel weird when people try to be “too” nice to you, or do things in excess or with an unnatural feeling to it?

Apparently there’s a cycle that psychopaths go through when they try to manipulate people with affection, where they show a lot of it at first, and then they abruptly cut you off and leave you confused. Manipulative behavior is characteristically fake, you have to know how to spot it.

2. Psychopaths emphasize their victimhood

If you ever hear a person emphasize how they were a victim of something constantly in casual conversation, be aware you might be dealing with a psych0path.

They always try to create sympathy or some kind of bubble of immunity to consequence, it confuses the person they’re consciously or unconsciously trying to victimize. You know when someone does this, and you don’t believe it?

3. Psychopaths twist reality completely and invert things

If a psych0path does something, they could accuse you of the exact same things they did, which confuses some people. They try to make you think you’re insane or incapable of understanding things.

4. They could involve you in a love triangle that doesn’t exist

A psych0path who is either male or female in a relationship could repeatedly refer to other ex-partners or try to hold things over the head of the other person, keeping them in a state of subservience, or something that involves manipulation.

5. They play mind games, say things that don’t add up

If you recognize a person playing “mind games” or being caught in obvious, seemingly small but significant lies or little signs of manipulative behavior, be aware that this probably extends deep into their personality.

6. Psychopaths are pathological liars

Even if they are small lies, be aware that if you know a person who is lying left and right, quicker to lie than tell the truth, they are straight up dangerous.

7. While pretending to be innocent, they are destructive

Psychopaths like to provoke rivalry between people, hate, conflict, things that seem accidental but if you look close, they are provoked on purpose.

They may criticize one small thing out of nowhere and create a brutal, sharp contrast between that and a shower of compliments.

8. Psychopaths will crush your self-esteem

It’s a process where they compliment you a lot or shower you with affection, and then brutally switch to cold mode and criticize you or attack you. This is what these people use to break people down and make them submissive: don’t bend to anyone, ever.

9. They always need validation

Psychopaths crave attention and validation, for accomplishments and the way they are. They will leave you drained of energy.

10. Some people who go deep into the spell of a psych0path no longer recognize themselves

People who don’t say no to psychopaths and refuse to play their game suffer from a messed up mental space, and often question things about themselves. As phrased by one article:

“You will become anxious about everything and panic at the drop of a hat. You’ll cry, cut off important people, apologize even when you’re not at fault, and feel empty.

Such relationships scar you, but everything heals with time. Severe all ties with the psych0path – emails, text, social media – everything. Do not look back. You deserve better and will find fulfilling relationships in the future.”

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