A Great Psychologist’s Test: Which Door Are You Afraid to Enter?

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist, writer, and lecturer.

Campbell’s work covers many aspects of the human experience. His philosophy has been summarized by his own often repeated phrase: “Follow your bliss.”. Although many people are afraid to follow their passions because it’s often a riskier path or they’re not quite sure what sure what it is.

Clifford N Lazarus, a licensed psychologist and Director of The Lazarus Institute, wrote in Psychology Today that “Most people have fears and anxieties.  Often they are adaptive and rational emotional responses.  But in many cases, fears and anxieties are not adaptive or rational.  They do nothing but create huge and unnecessary barriers that block us from moving forward in life or simply from feeling better about ourselves. “

Face your fears and enter the doors bellow! If you’re intrigued by to figure out something deeper about yourself, in this one-step test, simply choose the entrance that frightens you the most to discover what your soul craves for most…

Please let everyone you know if your results are as accurate as mine are!

1. Abandoned House

If you chose this door, you are a very real person. You don’t take frivolous decisions, you analyse situations to the best of your abilities and you make sure you have weighed in all your options. You put your values and ethics over everything and are expectant that other people would do the same. The covering on the wall is a symbol of you being kind of closed up emotionally and spiritually but the light inside is symbolic for a way that other people might be let in through. You seek emotional satisfaction and a connection that is not just emotional but intellectual too.

2. Stairwell

If you chose this picture, you are someone who loves life. You are free but you are scared of the unknown and are afraid of dying. This also is a sign of being scared of being buried.

You want to be healthy and have the good health last for a while. To have this, you need to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet and regular exercise. You overthink about most things but you like living and want to see how everything pans out.

3. Cave

The ice cave is a cry for warmth. You are scared of being hurt and disappointed and this fear makes you prefer staying alone, because you know what makes you truly happy in your heart. You know yourself better than anyone else. You feel the need to be loved, in all the senses of the word.

This scary house is the worst thing you can ever think of. The house is not in the best condition, which means that you fear being poor and losing your wealth. You unknowingly put more value to material objects which is not the ideal way to go about things.

You are fiercely loyal as well as honest and real, but you are not sure that everyone understands this and values you for it. You seek material wealth in life but you forget that you cannot buy love and happiness and you are and will be cherished for the person that you are and not how much money or wealth you have.

5. Tunnel

If the tunnel scares you, you are in a mess, emotionally speaking. Your feelings and emotions are all over the place and you do not really know how to process most part of it. You need to reach a clearing point in this regard and understand what your true and real emotions are.

You are an intelligent individual but you are ruled by your emotions. You focus on your problems too much, but now it’s time to look for the solutions. You seek to be comfortable with yourself in your life and have confidence. Don’t dwell on the bad things as there is light beyond the darkness.

6. Door with chains

The blue colour of the door is pretty significant in this case, as it is the colour of the sky. You work hard and set high standards for yourself that you work harder to reach. You are a focused and sorted individual who understands how life and the world work. You give away too much of yourself working, so try taking some time off for yourself.

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