After Getting Flu Shot, New York State Senator Gets Sick For Two Weeks, Then Passes Away

Last week, the day before Thanksgiving, New York State Senator Jose Peralta, age 47, tragically passed away out of nowhere due to what they call “septic shock.” The fact is, confirmed by mainstream media reports, that he thought himself he was suffering from symptoms due to the flu shot he received shortly before coming down with this illness.

José R. Peralta was the first Dominican-American to ever be elected to the New York State Senate, and he passed away on Wednesday night in a Queens, New York hospital. He was said to have represented a diverse constituency.

After becoming disoriented following being ill for two weeks, he was transported to Elmhurst Hospital Center, where he was reluctant to go.

A 2013 photo of Jose Peralta AP

In September, the Democrat lost his bid for re-election after managing to serve eight years in the State Senate. He represented the neighborhoods of Corona, Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, East Elmhurst, and portions of Astoria and Woodside.

As a lawmaker, the man tried to represent people seeking a better life in America, championing the Dream Act, which would allow undocumented immigrants to qualify for assistance with college tuition.

Earning points with just about anybody, he introduced bills to legalize hoverboards in the city, but also that usual bureaucratic stuff, like extending the time that speed cameras are used in school zones.

So how did his life end short, at the young age of 47? Forty-seven is certainly a very young age to lose one’s life.

He had been ill for about two weeks, which just happens to be the exact window of time that several anecdotal reports of negative experience with flu shots usually mention.

According to the man’s director of communications, Chris Sosa, Mr. Peralya was reluctant to visit a doctor.

“It was like pulling teeth to get him to talk about not feeling well,” Mr. Sosa said. “He just thought he was having symptoms related to getting the flu shot.”

It has been argued that there is no scientific value or solid evidence to be found in several people’s anecdotal accounts of what they experienced after receiving a flu shot, but I disagree. I think with common sense one can take a look at comments like this and gain some real perspective.

These comments were left on a post on Facebook, where a mainstream news journalist admitted to having a mild, immediate reaction to the flu shot last year, and it went viral. Why would the comments strike a nerve with people and go viral if they weren’t true?

On Wednesday night, Mr. Peralta was at home with his family, and he started to become disoriented, with his condition sadly worsening.

Sanofi and Merck tend to make most of the world’s flu vaccines, and most of them do still contain mercury in the form of thiomersal of course, and that’s a fact.

According to Matthews & Associates, a law firm, “Deaths linked with the flu shot are far more common than most people realize. Recent flu shot victims added to the growing death list include 5-year-old Kiera Driscoll of Nevada, 26-year-old Katherine McQuestion of Wisconsin, 37-year-old Kristie Green of Kansas, 14-year-old Amber Grey, 3-year-old Ayzlee McCarthy of Iowa, 37-year-old Chad Rattray of Washington.”

What is this law firm citing? They are citing real life stories, that go reported as quietly as possible in government VAERS reports, in a database that is quite difficult to navigate, but if you want to explore the archives of people confirmed by the government to have been injured by the flu shot and other vaccines, explore the VAERS database here.

The truth is, most people have absolutely no idea what is contained within vaccines, and people need to know that. People need to know about the victims and be able to discern coincidence from cause and effect.

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