31-Year-Old Man with Older Woman Obsession Demonstrates Love for 91-Year-Old Girlfriend

Recently, headlines were made over the content of a television program in which a 31 year old man demonstrated his love for a 91 year old woman. When the two people are consensual adults, age gaps can’t be considered all that important unless the two people have absolutely nothing to bond or connect over.

For people who don’t do much in life and aren’t interested in much, two people can’t be bonded by much either, and in that case an age gap might be significant, just among people who don’t have all that much substance.

Then there’s the people who are together despite an age gap, and it’s usually one of two scenarios: the two people have a lot in common and understand each other, or one of them just happens to have a fixation on the concept of an age gap. In this situation clearly it seems that the 31 year old man just happens to like old women.

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During the filming of a documentary series called Extreme Love, 31 year old Kyle kissed his 91 year old girlfriend, and this moment was harvested like a product to present to people on television.

Kyle openly admitted the thing he enjoyed about the situation was her age, saying “I’m wired towards older women.” Kyle must be practicing some kind of polyamory because he also said he’s also dating a woman named Annie, who is 68 years old, still far over twice Kyle’s age.

The series Extreme Love is about this type of thing. The title of it is self-explanatory, it’s about unusual situations between people in relations.

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Extreme Love begins with the story of somebody named Shawna, a woman whose fiancé Dave dropped a small fortune on a collection of robotic sex dolls. As television programs like this tend to do, they focused on the obsessive nature of the man who owned the collection of robotic sex dolls.

Dave, from Nova Scotia, Canada described the sex doll he had most recently purchased as being the “woman of (his) dreams.” In a relationship, any woman would rightfully feel weird about him saying the woman of his dreams was a robot.

Other situations documented in the series include a couple of people who have an obsession with pretending to be babies as adults, with the fully grown adults wearing diapers and drinking out of bottles and all that crazy sh**.

Then, there’s Sid, who is proud of feeding his dangerously obese girlfriend between 6,000 and 8,000 calories every single day to try and “fatten her up” even more. She weighs 700 pounds, at this point it’s absolutely self destructive to do this, and she said she hopes to become immobile and unable to move because of her weight. That’s where a fe**sh becomes self destructive.

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According to one article, “The show also features polyamorous vampires who suck blood from each others pricked fingertips, swingers, love slaves, and a man who claims to be in love with a Volkswagen Beetle called Vanilla. Vanilla’s thoughts on the matter have not been made clear.”

WE TV president, television executive Marc Juris said: “No offense to Tom Jones, but sometimes love can be on the more unusual side.

We’re extremely thrilled to tell these very real and compelling stories of fascinating people who break with convention to stretch the typical definitions of love and relationships.”

These days, people have heard of everything. This is the type of show that would have surprised people a long time ago.

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