Anonymous Message To The “Momo” Infiltrator

Greetings citizens of the world.

This is a message from An0nymous, to the sick prankster behind the recent “Momo” hysteria.

We can tell that you are either a bored kid with nothing better to do with your time or a sadistic child predator who wants to see violence. Whatever the case, there is no place for you in the internet underworld, and there are people working to expose you as you read this message.

Your recent infiltration of Baby Shark videos seemed like a cry for attention after the media decided to ignore you and call you a hoax. You wanted to be noticed, but your pranks were swept under the rug. This must be why you decided to increase the pressure and escalate to more extreme tactics. However, with each new video you make, you are opening yourself up to being exposed. In your arrogance, you continue to leave a trail for us to follow.

The media is no longer paying attention, they want to dismiss you as a hoax while you creep into children videos and attempt to corrupt their minds. However, we have received reports from parents all over the world, who have witnessed this figure in the videos that their children watch on YouTube, so we know that there is something going on behind the scenes with this prank.

Now… A message for the concerned parents of the world.

This new Momo threat should be a warning sign to parents around the world to stop allowing screens to raise your children. It is time for real parenting to make a come back. Instead of sitting a child in front of a screen and going about your day, take your child out to play and teach them about the world.

You may not think that a character named Momo can convince a child to kill themselves, but there are many young people committing suicide because of the things that take place on these screens. Rates of teen depression and suicide have been on the rise since the advent of social media, and signs indicate that it is only getting worse. Experts say that too much screen time growing up is one of the primary contributing factors in this trend.

Whether it is a fake demonic puppet, or a bully at your child’s school, it is important to know who is getting inside your child’s head when they are online.

For those of you who don’t know, a few months ago, a strange viral sensation called “Momo” began popping up in children’s videos on YouTube and alarming parents. Momo is a strange puppet that looks a bit like the ghost from the movie “The Ring.”

The puppet looks like a thin woman with a long face and large circles around her bulging eyes, with greasy and stringy hair. It wasn’t just the look of the puppet that was creepy either, it was widely reported that the puppet was appearing in popular children’s videos and encouraging them to do violent, destructive and even suicidal things.

Warnings given by Spanish police last week are even more disturbing than the previous reports. Now, children are receiving graphic images as well as suicide instructions. In the previous renditions of Momo, children were given violent instructions, but graphic images were not included in the previous videos.

The internet should be used as a force to challenge power and authority, not something to be turned against defenseless children. People who target children are not looked upon kindly by the rest of us who work in the shadows, and you will be dealt with accordingly.

Whoever is behind this strange Momo character must think that they are many steps ahead of everyone else, but they are no match for An0nymous. We have exposed world leaders and corporate overlords, some simple prankster should be easy.

It is only a matter of time before you are unmasked and exposed for the creep that you are!

The time has come for us to unite, the time has come for us to stand up and fight! You are An0nymous! We are An0nymous! We are Legion! We do not forgive! We do not forget! Expect us!

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