Anonymous Message To US Citizens About Trump’s Impeachment

Greetings. This is Anonymous.

This is a message to the citizens of the United States of America.

The media circus is in full swing in the United States again, this time, for the impending impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Trump seems to be one of those figures that people either love or hate, with very few opinions in between. However, regardless of these differing opinions, people on both sides seem to be enthralled with the theatrical events currently surrounding the impeachment. It is like a soap opera playing across 24/7 news channels for a population that is increasingly divided.


Trump using smartphone. Photo Credit: Josh Haner of the New York Times

Many think that the blame for this division lies specifically with Trump, however, this is not true, Trump is just a symbol of a division that has been brewing in the country for years. In fact, this division was extremely strong during the 2016 election, and it is actually what got Trump elected, in large part. Left-wing activists believe that ousting Trump from the White House will solve all of their problems and that it will be a significant victory on the issues they care about, like immigration, social justice and welfare.

These activists would be wise to remember that their hero Barack Obama, had an immigration policy that didn’t look very much different from what we have now. In fact, the Obama administration laid much of the groundwork for what the Trump administration is doing. The only real difference is that Obama was appealing to a different audience – an audience that was not very fond of border control policies, and so Obama had a different scripted response to issues, but the government behaved generally the same under both administrations.


United States Congress / Photo Credit: World Atlas

Furthermore, look at Joe Biden, the darling of the Democratic party who shared the White House with Obama. Biden is essentially the reason why Democrats decided to pull the trigger on the Trump impeachment, but the events that unfolded made him look horrible too. In addition to the numerous scandals that Biden was involved in for his creepy behavior and racist comments, the world learned that the whole Biden family was using their political positions in the US government to enrich themselves.

Of course, this type of behavior is not limited to the Republican party, and Trump has been no different. On the campaign trail, Trump was smart to focus on the close relationship that the United States has with the brutal dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, whose citizens have been implicated in a number of terror attacks against Americans. Trump rightfully pointed out how the US military is involved with many senseless wars in the middle east as a result of their alliance with Saudi Arabia, who is arguably the worst government in the region, but ironically the closest ally of the United States.

Yet, when Trump got into office, he seemed to forget all of his rhetoric about Saudia Arabia and peace in the middle east, because he ended up singing massive arms deals that provided sophisticated weapons to the dictatorship. Many human rights organizations have suggested that these arms deals are directly responsible for the genocide that is currently taking place in Yemen.

Let’s also not forget about how the Trump administration betrayed their promises to protect the second amendment, and has overseen the implementation of new laws that infringe the right to bear arms. Trump has even gone so far as to support red flag laws, insisting that the US government should “take the guns first” and “worry about due process later.”

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Mike Pence. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The moral of this story is that none of these politicians are on your side, and none of them have your best interests in mind. They will not even follow through on their promises if they do get into office. In the case of Trump, if Democrats get their way and see him impeached, they will be left to deal with Michael Pence, who has more regressive social beliefs than Donald Trump, according to left-wing activists themselves. So, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it, and if Trump is impeached, Republicans are likely to become emboldened at the ballot box to give us four years of Pence, and do you really want that?

We definitely find ourselves in a precarious position, where we are forced to choose between two evils, but instead of continuing to make this choice and expecting different results, maybe it is time to start thinking about solutions.

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