Bizarre Shadow Creature Appears Behind Woman During Her Video Chat

A paranormal type video is circulating online, now at over 160,000 views on YouTube after being uploaded by the channel Caters Clips. It doesn’t seem that most people believe it, because the video doesn’t have the greatest like to dislike ratio.

In the description of the video it was explained that a terrified mother from Yakima, Washington, claims to have captured some unknown creature on film while at home by herself. She believes she has captured some kind of ghost or alien on film.

Lori Simmons, a mother of four was reportedly using video chat on Friday, November 30, on an app called Marco Polo, an alternative to for instance Skype or Google, and Marco Polo allows the users to record videos to each other in real time.

So, the 47 year old Washington woman said she had just woken up, and she was engaged in a conversation with her best friend Shana Thomas, but she ended up in a state of horror when Shana asked the question, if there was another person in the house with her.

Lori, of course initially was going to reply that no, there was nobody in the house with her, but then as she was alone at home at the time, she facetiously described her “heart stopping” after she replayed the footage of herself, and saw some dark figure move in and out of the scene behind her as she spoke to Shana.

(Image credit: Caters Clips)

So is this video real or fake? It’s always extremely hard to tell, one thing is for sure, Washington State is known for this type of thing.

Let’s see how the comments on the video feel about this.

A couple comments pointed out:

“it looks like its either a plastic blowup doll looking similar to the generic looking 3ft alien grey or it’s a stuffed animal made into generic looking 3ft alien grey. Notice the arms NEVER move. The arms are in a static bowed out position which is a completely unnatural position for an armed bipedal being.”

“It is fake and adobe after effects for sure. They even couldnt use color because of the bright light at the background, thats why the thing is only black colored lol.”

(Image credit: Caters Clips)

“does her friend not speak? video chats aren’t usually one-sided, she goes on for a full minute before her friend speaks up, and any real friend would have screamed and/or warned her about the moving creature in the background”

“I can’t believe this person wasted the time of so many subscribers of Coast to Coast Insider. I can’t stand people like that.”

In a contrary opinion, one comment reads:

“A shadow person~ ya’ll can mock all you want but these are terrifying to live with~ be respectful about it just because you don’t believe don’t make them feel bad for being a victim.”

Anyone would have to admit her facial expression looks pretty fake as well.

(Image credit: Caters Clips)

So this video unanimously looks very fake, but there is a very real phenomena of seeing “shadow people.” It’s just that, usually shadow people are seen in a state of sleep paralysis, emerging out of sleep, and nobody has ever been known to capture what they call shadow people on camera.

It’s almost like cameras are inherently incompatible with true, unexplainable phenomena.

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