Bryan Baeumler Net Worth: Bio, Height, Age & Career

Bryan Baeumler is a businessman and a regular TV host known for his various shows related to property, renovations, and construction. His different shows currently air on the networks HGTV and HGTV Canada. His hosting has a certain fanbase and has even won him a Gemini Award in the year 2008.

He currently works on the Island of Bryan, a show featuring Bryan and his family renovating a resort on one of the Bahamas islands, South Andros. The show is still on air since 2019 with a new 5th season slated to be released in 2023.

Born on 18 April 1974 in Ontario’s Oakville, Bryan is a Canadian by nationality and has lived there his whole life. He had started showing glimpses of his future career in construction and renovation at an early age. During his summer vacations, Bryan used to spend time helping with the construction of their family cottage. His father was an aircraft engineer and taught him everything he knew about construction back then.

Just by the time he was 14, Bryan had opened a handyman business of his own and started working freelance in his locality. After school, he attend the University of Western Ontario where he studied Political Science and Business. He graduated from there in 1996 with a degree in Bachelor of Arts.

Bryan got into business even before he completed his graduation. For 8 years, he ran a cargo business from 1995 to 2003. After it closed down, he started working as a builder. Soon he opened a construction company of his own called Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations which is responsible for everything he does on his shows.

The first-ever show that Bryan hosted was called Disaster DIY which aired from 2007 to 2011 for 5 seasons. The plot of the show revolved around renovators who used the “Do-It-Yourself” approach and failed big time. Bryan used to pay these individuals a visit to not only teach them the way but to also finish the job.  Disaster DIY helped Bryan win a Gemini Award in 2008.

Just a year before it went off air, Bryan launched his second show called House of Bryan. The show featured the entire Baeumler family and his apprentices. The premise of the show was constructing and renovating the various homes of the family across Canada. The show lasted for 5 years from 2010 to 2015 and was the highest rates HGTV Canada show ever at that time.

In 2012, Bryan had started hosting 2 shows at the time, the second being Leave It to Bryan which ended in 2017. The show had Bryan helping homeowners with various renovation choices. He aided them in identifying whether they needed renovation and setting up the budget required. The show’s production was put on hold when Bryan Inc went on air. Bryan Inc revolved around Bryan and his wife buying properties across Canada and renovating them.

Since 2019, Bryan has been hosting Island of Bryan where the entire Baeumler family is involved in the renovation of a resort on the South Andros islands. The show is currently in its 4th season and has been renewed for a 5th as well.

Birthday & Zodiac Details

  • Date of Birth – April 18, 1974
  • Birthplace    – Oakville, Ontario
  • Zodiac sign    – Aries

Body Appearance Height, Weight

  • Height – 6’0″
  • Weight – 154 lbs / 70 kg

Other Facts

  • Profession – TV Personality
  • Educational Qualification  – Graduate
  • Religion – Christianity
  • Nick Name – Bryan
  • Nationality   – Canadian
  • Residence – Palm Beach, Florida

Social Media Account

  • Instagram – (
  • Twitter    – (
  • Fb    –  (


Bryan Baeumler might not be the most popular celebrity in the world today but he has made both a name and fortune for himself over years. At present, Bryan has a net worth of over $20 million. It can be credited to a successful run of 5 TV shows of his own that he has been hosting since 2007, one after another.


What year was Bryan Baeumler born?

Bryan Baeumler was born in 1974.

How old is Bryan Baeumler?

Bryan Baeumler is 48 years old.

How much is Bryan Baeumler worth?

Bryan Baeumler is worth over $20 million.

What is Bryan Baeumler’s net worth?

Bryan Baeumler’s net worth is over $20 million.

How tall is Bryan Baeumler?

Bryan Baeumler is 6 feet tall.

Where does Bryan Baeumler live?

Bryan Baeumler lives in Palm Beach, Florida now.

Where was Bryan Baeumler born?

Bryan Baeumler was born in Oakville, Ontario.

Where is Bryan Baeumler now?

Bryan Baeumler is in Palm Beach, Florida now.

Where is Bryan Baeumler from?

Bryan Baeumler is from Oakville, Ontario.

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