Bull Drags Itself Along After Breaking Both Back Legs in Bull Running Festival

Heartwrenchingly sad footage started circulating recently, of a bull barely managing to drag itself along a path and move properly after suffering from breaking not one but both of its back legs.

It happened during, you guessed it, a “bull running festival” in Spain.

The clip was shared online by an animal rights group known as the Animalist Party Against the Mistreatment of Animals (PACMA), to try and show people the truth about what it looks like when bulls are forced to take place in bull running festivals.

It was filmed in a village known as Mejorada del Campo. It begins with the bull being shown in what they call a transportation cage, before the festival was about to begin. Before it could even start, the bull makes an attempt at escaping the cage, jumping to the ground inside it.

As the poor, essentially enslaved bull made impact upon that hard concrete, frustrated from being locked up, his legs buckled and fully broke.

Then, you see the severely injured animal drag itself along trying to cope with the situation, by nothing but its front legs while its back legs limply drag along from behind.

(Image credit: CEN)

According to local media reports cited by another article, “there’s a suggestion the ramp was too high off the ground for the bull to get safely back down. As yet, it’s not known if anyone is being investigated over the incident or what the outcome for the bull was, however, it’s likely it will have been euthanised.

PACMA have now reported the incident to the authorities as a case of animal abuse and have asked social media users to support a petition for a change in animal protection laws in Spain.”

Hundreds of thousands of views accumulated on the video, and all kinds of comments and posts were made. One post says: “When abuse of animals is the protagonist of having fun there is only one clear idea and it is that we have a lot of developing to do as a species.”

Another comment adds: “How long are we going to continue supporting this?”

Some people didn’t give a f*** and just expressed their support for those festivals in the comments, and that’s truly the opinion of a lot of people. Spain is just one of many countries where these festivals remain fairly popular.

(Image credit: blogs.pjstar)

People who feel for these animals, if they had enough money to do so they should rescue them and build a place for them to live in peace. That’s the only type of real solution anybody can have to a problem like this.

It’s definitely not the right plan to just clash with ordinary people who lack empathy to the point where they see it as entertainment for animals to be exploited and made into tools like this. You see a lion in a cage at a circus, or simple dog races with Greyhounds, do you feel like it’s a perversion of nature or do you not see that at all?

Some people feel the animals, and some people don’t. The problem in this world is, the people who care tend to not have money, and therefore they tend to lack the practical ability to get things done and defend spaces for good people and animals alike to thrive.

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