10 Warning Signs You’re Dealing With An Evil Person

Evil is actually not difficult to define at all. It’s the act of engaging in malevolent behaviors, evil is being harmful to other people or sentient life forms.

People should be capable of basic defense, and everybody should be able to recognize when a person is malevolent in general or evil you could say.

Here are ten ways to recognize an evil person.

1. Enjoyment of other’s misfortune

This should be common sense, but it isn’t if you are also suffering from the darkness: if you laugh or take pleasure from the misfortune of others, you’re not well. That is, if they did nothing to you, then it gets complicated and it’s still generally not healthy to take satisfaction from the demise of others.

If common sense fails to explain this, it cannot be understood.

Some people cause problems on purpose, in the most shady ways possible. Once you recognize a hint of this type of behavior in someone, watch out.

2. Problems with control

People who gravitate toward the dark side, what we objectively understand to be malevolent, they often are very controlling.

It has been said that it’s not natural for a person to seek control over every aspect of their life, but that’s different from seeking control over others. That is the threshold that, when crossed, gets into the territory of someone who is not morally sound.

If someone wants to control you, or coerce you, unable to ever let something be out of their control, they may not be the best person. The thing is, people who lean toward sociopathy or even psychopathy as this article describes, they’re subtle.

If you catch someone subtly trying to manipulate you, be aware.

3. Habitual dishonesty

There’s hardly a better way to describe it: habitual dishonesty, if you catch someone you know lying out of habit, not even thinking about the fact that they aren’t telling the truth, you might be dealing with someone who has no morals.

A liar for real is a person that does it without realizing it, pathologically, not even when they need to lie.

Some people go so far as to lie their way into a “new reality,” constructing their entire identities and lives around lies.

But when people like this are caught in a lie, watch: they’ll try to mention something about you, flip it around, make it about you and confuse you instantly.

If someone tries to make the situation about you when they’re accused of something, watch out.

4. You feel strange around them in a way that can’t be explained

Intuition is real, there’s no doubt about it. Sometimes people are just awkward, but sometimes you can tell exactly when a person is simply no good or a liar in general.

It has even been said that when you feel a person is evil, it may be because of an ability to feel their field of energy. The concept is intriguing, and it just may be the case.

However people do it, we certainly do have unexplainable intuition about who we are dealing with, some people more intuitive than others, and some individuals causing more of an intuitive feeling, for better or for worse.

Intuition is to be trusted, everyone should agree with that. At the same time however, it’s possible to be simply incorrect about something while mistaking a thought for an intuition.

5. They are misleading

If exaggerations, “oops, I accidentally lied” moments and things like this are common with a person you know, it might be more than meets the eye.

Malicious people construct reality for others. It’s all about that which is artificial: appearances.

If you notice someone openly misleading other people, be cautious.

6. Void of remorse

Having no remorse if you’re correct and objectively being a good person is nothing to be ashamed of. That goes into the complexity of what objective morality is, but as a generality, being remorseless can never be a good thing.

If you notice that somebody accidentally hurts someone for example, and they have no remorse or even an understanding of how to feel it, they might not even have the capacity to feel it.

Being remorseless or ruthless is something to really watch out for in people.

7. Cruelty

This is along the same lines of the previous categories, but it should be emphasized again. It’s a real clear way to spot a person you don’t want to know: cruelty.

If you see someone punish their dog a certain way that is cruel and over the top, you know exactly what kind of person you’re dealing with right?

If you see someone take satisfaction out of seeing another person get incarcerated, when they didn’t harm anyone, that person is cruel.

This is common sense: you don’t want to know people like this.

8. Lack of responsibility

They say that you can spot a malevolent person by the fact that they never want to take blame. That’s true, but also keep in mind a sociopath, narcissist, or psychopath, a malevolent person, could also try to be heartwarmingly genuine in “owning up to their mistakes” just to secretly be insincere.

A manipulator could easily “admit to something” to spare being exposed for something else.

9. Warnings from friends

If you’re dealing with a person like this, you may receive warnings from people who have had bad experiences with them in the past.

Take these warnings seriously, if they show signs like the ones mentioned in this article.

10. Belittlement

If a person belittles you, and tries to always put you down or put you above them, you know why they’re trying to do it.

People manipulate without even thinking about it, because some people are sadly built like that.

This article is full of “watch out for this’ and watch out for that, but you know what enables people to not feel like they need to watch their back very much? The ability to use defensive force. Self defense is the cure to becoming a victim.

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