Tekashi69 Has Been Sentenced to Four Years Probation

Rapper Tekashi69, the definition of the vain music industry, has just been sentenced to merely four years probation in a child X case, as confirmed by reports delivered to the media.

He wasn’t saying a lot when he left the New York City courthouse on Friday to receive his sentence, where the judge let him go with nothing but some probation.

It was precisely the sentence that the legal team of Tekashi69 had requested, and to further elevate the vanity of the situation, the court cheered after he was set free.

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Upon receiving his sentence, the celebrity addressed the judge directly, trying to run game on him announcing he was going to go by the name Daniel Hernandez, his government name, instead of Tekashi69.

The judge went so far as to give him one year credit, meaning he really only has to serve 3 years of probation instead of 4, according to TMZ. He is also required to perform 1000 hours of community service and avoid all gang activity.

If he is found to break these conditions, he will be re-sentenced and could potentially face prison.

Before even becoming famous, Hernandez pled guilty to one count of Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance in 2015.

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Legal documents were obtained by TMZ, and in them prosecutors say the man was at a party in Harlem, New York where a 13 year old girl was filmed “engaging in sexual acts with another man.” In the video Hernandez reportedly “stood behind the child making a thrusting motion with his pelvis and smacking her on her buttocks.” At the time he was 18.

According to Unilad:

“Tekashi’s sentence was deffered for two years, and if he met certain criteria, the judge would only give him probation. This included getting mental health treatment and staying out of trouble.”

The way manipulative people behave was evident in the rainbow haired kid to be real, as he said in court: “I have millions of youth that look at me as a role model and the last place I want to be is incarcerated, they don’t deserve it. Thank you.”

Money must be the only thing preserving his freedom because no judge would ever spare a person a sentence over concern for their “fans” who see them as a role model.

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To state in court that other people see him, Tekashi69, as a role model is a sign that he’s more than just someone that did something, once, with someone too young. Nobody becomes famous because they are a good person.

Before his sentence, the man was arrested in Texas for attacking a fan in a mall, as well as Brooklyn for “assaulting a police officer.” However his legal team made the case this didn’t violate his plea deal.

His representative told TMZ:

“Daniel understands what he must do now moving forward and we will be with him every step of the way. We also want to thank the judge for being very fair and impartial.”

To become a celebrity, it seems people typically get to a point where they owe some kind of debt: one can only imagine the debt Tekashi69 has accrued in his life so far.

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