Clinton Team Involved in Child trafficking

When You OPEN YOUR EYES and See This, You Will Take Action

Scroll all the way down to the end of this article if you want to see the pictures and video without reading about the background – another warning: these contain images of infants, child’s arms being restrained, sinister sexual discussions, underground facilities, rooms with “murder” as the comment, and much more.

We ask only one thing of you. That you think logically and critically as you process this information. It is normal to doubt this or feel you are going insane, because it is so far removed from our ordinary day-to-day experience. But keep digging into the details. Verify everything on your own, do not trust us or anybody else blindly. Assess the evidence and footage for yourself, and research hard.

Open your eyes.

We’ll proceed as follows. We’ll give you names. We’ll give you their relation to the Clintons. We’ll give you a series of links which you can use to verify the information for yourself. Finally, we’ll present video footage and photos at the end.

These photos were posted by the instagram account of the owner of Comet Pizza and include a baby being put up for sale.

UPDATE: The account has since been deleted, but everything is archived at the bottom of this article.

Anthony Weiner

Investigated for sexual misconduct involving a minor.

Relation to Clintons: Anthony Weiner is married to Huma Abedin. Huma is Clinton’s closest staffer. Hillary describes Huma as her second daughter.

Weiner was brought up on sexual misconduct with an underage girl, as well as sending sexually explicit photos online. Huma was reported to have stored a vast trove of secret information on Weiner’s computer.

The FBI found that information. Days after they found it, they arrested over 239 people involved in a child se*x trafficking ring.

Jeffrey Epstein

Confirmed pedophile.

Relation to Clintons: billionaire who was intimately involved in the Clinton Foundation. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton were on his private jet over 20 times, many times without secret service.

On this private jet, which as come to be known as “the lolita express,” Epstein was found to have had beds and minors available for his clients to engage in sexual activity with. This jet would fly to a private island where Epstein was believed o have had a compound with more child se*x slaves. What investigators found in his compound was downright scary.

John Podesta

Mired in controversy after leaked emails show his involvement with Marina Abramovic’s spirit cooking, as well as bizarre and seemingly nonsensical references to pizza throughout his emails.

John Podesta may have injured his hand at a place called “Comet Pizza”

Relation to Clintons: top adviser for over two decades. Currently leading Hillary’s quest for the office of presidency.

Podesta’s emails were leaked to the American public by Wikileaks. Inside those emails appear to multiple references to pizza and “cheese pizza” which, if interpreted in their normal context, make no sense. But pizza is a notorious code for child prostitution in underground networks.

As an example, in Podesta’s emails there is reference to a napkin with a map on it that is “pizza-related.”

Marina Abramovic

Relation to Clintons: invites Clinton team to her private rituals, which she says are not just performance art, but real spiritual rituals, donated the maximum amount to Hillary’s current quest for presidency.

Marina Abramovic produces imagery posing with small children, and also depicts ritualistic abuse. It is Crowely-type magick involving very demented practices which we shall not describe here, but you are free to see for yourself.

Here is Marina posing with a young undressed child.


Marina has said that her magick is not just “art” but is a spiritual experience when it is done in private settings.

Question to ask yourself: is the label of “performance art” being used so these people can maintain deniability when they are engaged in these activities? (More on this below.)

Tony Podesta

Relation to Clintons: the most powerful lobbyist in Washington DC contributing to the Clinton campaign, is John Podesta’s brother, also invited to Abramovic’s private ritual.

Tony Podesta’s house is filled with pictures of naked minors, and he is into the “art” of Biljana Djurdjevic.  We cannot post Biljana Djurdjevic’s “art” here. Here is the google image search result, but we strongly caution you to not view that link unless you are adequately psychologically prepared.

Tony has pictures of naked minors in his room, reports show.

James Alafantis

Owner of “Comet Pizza” a restaurant described as being “kid-friendly” and having doorways blended in with walls, discussed having pizza with John Podesta in emails, was in a relationship with David Brock who is a close associate of the Clintons.

Comet Pizza has come under severe scrutiny after it was found by independent researchers on Reddit to bear symbols of pedophilia. Verify for yourself.

Amanda Kleinman organizes events there. One of the events was for children to come and learn about monsters, and why monsters have different ideas of love than humans, and children were to write notes to the monsters on Valentines day.

Amanda Kleinman

This is who Amanda Kleinman is. Note references to “filling holes,” imagery of “pizza” and empty baby cribs, etc. Amanda Kleinman organized events at Comet Pizza.

Here is the footage of activities that took place inside Comet Pizza, the people who are associated, babies for sale, and dark rooms tagged with “murder”, among other horrifying imagery.

WARNING: turn away now if you do not want to be incredibly disturbed. This is real.

We would ask all readers to continue verifying everything for yourself.

UPDATE: Multiple other suspected pedo facilities near comet pizza, underground facility Underground tunnels under comet pizza?

UPDATE: Pictures from inside restaruant

More pictures of babies who “loved the farm”, babies with pizza, babies or dolls for sale, tunnels being dug under the facility: – digging underground – image of pizza with hypnotizing background – image of child and pizza reference – image of infant who “loved the farm” – image of infant for sale, may be a doll? though the other infants are real – image of infant being fed pizza – image of girl with hands restrained – images of digging underground, sexual references – image of stabbing knife through pizza, artis – image of instructing clients to turn off cell phones in strange room

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