Conor McGregor Smokes “Cherry Pick Kush” With Mike Tyson, and his Personal Strain

It’s like Elon Musk all over again: or just a regular person being honest. Recently, boxing legend Mike Tyson has been kicking it with Conor McGregor, showing him some potent herb which McGregor noted is “really nice.”

McGregor flamboyantly shared a post on Instagram, announcing that the two, who had differences in the past, have put them to the side as the MMA fighter conceded Mike Tyson will always have his “endless love and respect.”

McGregor said that last night, he went to see Mike Tyson at the Helix in Dublin, Ireland. He said “I love and respect Mike Tyson” and noted his appreciation for the Helix as well. He did add that he won his first World Title at the Helix, and made the statement just a bit boastful by adding that he won his second title there as well.

He spoke like any person following him would probably expect and want him to, as he puts on a show with his behavior as much as his fighting is a show. That’s how an entertainer maintains their skill, and if you think about it the MMA amounts to entertainment.

He continued “It was good to meet you Mike.” He spoke like people would want an entertaining fighter would, addressing the fact that Mike Tyson “spoke some things about me in the past which I did not like.”

McGregor added he was happy to speak to Tyson face to face, “put it to bed and have some fun.”

“You are in good spirits and I was happy to see this!” he continued. The height of respect is what McGregor says he has for Tyson, but he noted some decisions were made around his finances which he doesn’t agree with, sort of an ominous and honest thing to say.

“As a fighter you must fight here. The most. And this is a fight that never ends. It is even a fight that we pass on to our next in line. Our blood line.”

So how do people celebrate forgiveness? What better than to indulge in some good ole’ dank tree.

McGregor continued to explain that he tried a strain of cannabis personally grown by Mike Tyson, on his own ranch. Sounds like paradise: he calls it “Ko Kush,” a frankly epic title.

He added it was an “honor to taste it,” referring to that personal Mike Tyson strain.

“Just remember, if someone tries to rip you. Rip their nose off their face. You are a fighting icon and deserve endless love and respect! And from me, you will always have it!

“Don’t let anyone take anything from you. You owe nobody nothing. It is you who is owed. Always remember that,” he continued.

After posting that, McGregor posted a photo of himself laughing and having what appears to be a great time, holding a joint with the caption “Some giggle off that Cherry Pick Kush.”

At this point, the rest of the world has not caught up with the United States and Canada for the most part, in any sort of way when it comes to legalizing cannabis. In some Australian places, penalties for both cannabis in specific, and all drugs, have recently increased, despite everything going on for legalization in many US states and all of Canada.

(Image credit: eraofwisdom)

California was the first, and why were they? Because California is so firmly disobedient of the law, with such a thriving cannabis culture, it became more trouble than what it was worth for lawmakers and the people who run things to ban it.

That’s the threshold that preserves freedom for a civilian population: make it more trouble than it’s worth to enforce a law, have a strong culture of firm, peaceful disobedience for something that shouldn’t be illegal, and that thing will become accepted.

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