Legendary Rapper spills Theory About Tupac being Alive, Bush’s Role in Eazy-E Passing

Recently, legendary Oakland, California rapper Too $hort went on VladTV again and said a few things that people are not going to forget anytime soon.

Short said that it’s a “possibility” Tupac is still alive, not quite saying it as fact but suggesting hypothetically, that type of thing could in fact happen in this world if it’s possible that high level politicians or whoever else could fake their deaths, as Too $hort suggested, but obviously it’s not going to be easy to prove that has happened.

Mainstream articles are reporting it as if Too $hort just spazzed out and shouted “TUPAC IS ALIVE” or something like that, but if you listen to the actual clip below, it’s articulate.

In the interview, it starts with Vlad telling Short in 2018, it’s really a “thing now,” people suggesting crazy things about Tupac. Vlad says “I know you don’t believe that,” so in response, Short says “cause’ I believe Tupac didn’t die!”

Vlad asks again if he’s serious, and Short responds “Vlad believes everything he reads.” So Vlad tried to talk about how he interviewed people close to the situation with Tupac, and Short frankly says something to the effect of, that’s cool, you can interview the police, the people who handled his body and all that, but it doesn’t mean he has the real story.

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“You must live with your truth,” Short added. He continued to explain that when some politicians had gotten into plane crashes, or mysterious car crashes, he believes those situations were deliberate. “Spill the sh** over into hip hop, man, it is a possibility,” he continued, with emphasis on the word “possibility.”

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Lately, VladTV has been the site of several different conspiracy related videos coming to light, even though the interviewer DJ Vlad specifically mentioned he was not a “conspiracy guy” in the recent interview with Too $hort.

You know Vlad will make his headlines as intense as possible, but the headlines are true, so what Too $hort said in the next clip, titled “Too Short Believes George Bush Sr. and the CIA Killed Eazy-E,” is arguably even more interesting.

A lot of people who were close to Eazy-E understand that the circumstances behind his passing were extremely suspicious. Who has ever experienced HIV turning into AIDS, then an induced coma factors in to their life being taken just days later? Anybody with their eyes a little bit open can see that the circumstances behind Eazy E’s passing are suspicious.

Eazy E was a businessman as well as a rapper, and his ties to the JDL (Jewish Defense League) on account of Jerry Heller, and his visit to the White House to sit down with president George H.W. Bush, are considered factors in trying to understand what really happened to him.

Too $hort made a good case in the video, proposing that maybe when he ate dinner at the White House, they got something in him that allowed them to take his life.

Eazy-E could have been considered a threat because the man was constantly forging powerful new alliances. When he pulled BG Knocc Out and Gangsta Dresta into the spotlight, we end up with videos like this years later, with Knocc Out talking about the government planting crates of guns in the hood.

Eazy-E actually united Mexicans and Blacks in LA and he was going to sign some other Mexican rappers from San Diego, like Knightowl or Mr. Lil One, but he never got to. He did get to sign Brownside, of course.

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People talk about the word “conspiracy theory,” but the truth is conspiracies happen. Tupac may not be alive, but to shut out a possibility in reasoning things through is flawed thinking, and it seems that is what Too $hort was getting at.

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