Fake Package Exposes Porch Thieves, Blasts them with Glitter And Fart Spray

Glitter gets everywhere. Glitter is something that is damn near impossible to get off of anything, and some glitter is so pervasive, it might as well be a weapon.

In one situation that unfolded recently, glitter was really the weapon. One man who said he was an engineer recently “fought crime” with a very convincing fake package, and he left a thief who tried to steal his “package” covered in pervasive glitter and fart spray. In fact, it was multiple thieves.

The packages look completely normal on the outside, but when a thief touches them, they explode, leaving people looking like the ink-blasted people who try to rob banks. This is what happened.

Ever had something you ordered online stolen off of your porch before you could even receive it? You can understand if so, maybe it doesn’t have to be this elaborate but that can’t be happening with no consequences.

YouTube user Mark Rober managed to capture two people stealing a package from his front porch on a security camera. It was stolen even though the company had let him know it was delivered.

So, naturally he had to do something. He made the mistake of trying to call the police, and realized they don’t do anything and in this world, the only way to protect one’s property and family is with balanced and good-attitude self defense.

He explained that he felt powerless after his package was stolen the first time, presumably right after it had been delivered, throwing a wrench in whatever plans he had, so he made this video pranking the next person unfortunate enough to try and steal his package: and then, the next person, and the next.

In the video, he walks the viewer through exactly how he made such a thing, with step-by-step instructions on how he did it. It took him a whopping six months to put together the “glitter bomb.”

(Image credit: vice)

For an example of one of the glitter bomb package’s features, he put a spring inside the box, and that was the main mechanism that would release the glitter.

Using a very carefully aligned and elaborately concealed rig of four hidden cameras, he recorded the reaction of the thiefs who stumbled upon his weaponized fake package.

To make the plan even more well thought out, the package was also equipped with a GPS tracker that allowed Mark to know exactly when the box had been moved, giving him the ability to track the movements of the thief.

If you didn’t already watch the video, you’re probably wanting to know what actually happens when the package is opened.

For a person who opens the box, they get covered in glitter from head to toe. It might get in their eyes, but the worst part is when the fart spray kicks in. It just keeps on coming, and it forces the thief to throw away the package, and then Mark is able to track it down and collect the hilarious footage, thanks to that delayed reaction.

It was actually several people who fell for the glittery fart box, a montage of different people being unfortunate enough to try and steal his package is shown in the video.

They get their vehicles absolutely covered in glitter and fart spray, as many of them open their packages in different locations, and exclaim “dude, what the f***,” and things like that.

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