French TV News Caught Doctoring Sign Of Yellow Vest Protester, Skewing Meaning

It was recently reported that the French media was caught doctoring a photo of protestors, and they claim it was simply a mistake, when the “mistake” happened to create the illusion that the Yellow Vest people were actually in support of French leader Macron.

French television channel France3 “fixed” a sign held by what appears to be a Yellow Vest protester, and the sign was originally urging the leader to resign. However, it appears that somebody using some kind of photoshop-type software working with France3 whited out the rest of the sign, as convincingly as they could, to simply make it read “Macron.”

The broadcaster went so far as to claim that the sign being carefully whited out, to specifically create an illusion, was nothing more than a “human error.” Well, that would have to be a pretty specific and unlikely “human error,” because take a look, this is the original sign.

This is the sign that the media showed. Notice how it’s very neatly photoshopped. How do you accidentally, carefully photoshop a piece out of a sign? Perhaps France3 would like to cut to the heart of this issue, and open up about who gave them a payment or an offer to do this. Who told them to do this?

(Image credit: / RT)

The “unfortunate blunder” as one article describes it, occurred on Saturday as part of an evening news program, feeding the ordinary television-watching people of the country and indeed the world, something completely false about the ongoing Yellow Vest movement.

France3 claimed that the photo had been provided by Agence France Presse (AFP), among other images and videos of what was going on during the protests.

The photo as you can see, depicts a few cops, mounted, watching the crowds in Paris on Saturday outside of the Opera building. A Yellow Vest protester was carrying that sign that said “Macron out.” It’s time to ask the question: who encouraged somebody to photoshop the image?

It’s quite impressive to see the media, nationally in France and internationally, reveal the fear of the upper class in response to the Yellow Vest movement. It’s important to carefully examine all protests and movements led by people, to see if the movement is organic, grassroots, and generally good in nature, and impressively enough, the Yellow Vest movement so far seems legit.

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If the media ignores it, or condemns it, there’s a good chance that it’s to the benefit of the people, or the detriment of those who wish to control the civilian class of people.

Hopefully the good people of France are able to achieve the independence from taxes they don’t consent to, freedom to do what they want with their bodies with harmless substances like cannabis for instance, and everything else they want, and are naturally endowed to according to the philosophy of some people.

It would set a beautiful example for the rest of the world, for the whole world to watch the government of France concede to the will of the people. Some say that’s what people deserve, and what civilians are naturally endowed to: the right to voluntarily decide what to pay taxes for, in exchange for what services they voluntarily want to receive from a  government, if they want to do that. As the famous alternative media journalist John Vibes said in the phrase he coined, taxation is theft.

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