People in Sweden Are “Upgrading Their Hands,” and It Makes Us a Little Scared

Sometimes in life, people fall for things. People fall for traps, things planted for our civilian class to take in, let into our bodies or our homes with no questions asked, no defense, no safety whatsoever from the consequences of these insidious things we are presented with.

In the view of some people, thousands of Swedish people are falling for something they are going to regret. It was reported almost a couple months ago that over 4,000 Swedish people have voluntarily chosen to get tiny microchips embedded into their hands, as if that would actually make it more convenient to swipe and get into homes, offices, ect.

Several Swedish companies are offering their employees free microchips, probably because some wealthy individual or entity persuaded them to do so, not that they’d admit it or people would be willing to directly accuse them of that.

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The microchips implanted into people’s bodies are being promoted as capable of “bypassing the need for” cash, tickets, access cards and even social media.

The danger of microchips being widespread in society is common sense: do something the government, or a corporation doesn’t like, maybe your chip won’t work. It’s that simple, and it could get a whole lot worse than that.

One article explains the main company that is promoting this, BioHax International, explaining they are “the market leader in the innovate industry and has captured public imagination since it was started five years ago by Jowan Osterlund, a former professional body piercer.”

Well that body-piercer really sold out in the view of people who understand the dangers of centralized power. If microchips are allowed to be normalized, when people have to have them, they will be more controllable: period.

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It was announced in June 2017 that the Swedish train operator, SJ Rail revealed that around 100 people were paying for their regular journeys with microchips.

They have train tickets loaded into their microchips, and the train conductor reads their body implant with a smartphone.

Someone cited by a mainstream news article to promote microchips, Szilvia Varszegi, 28, said the chip “basically solves my problems.” Basically, huh? It’s such a problem to hold a piece of paper. Train tickets are so problematic, the cards that people use in place of paper train tickets are just so difficult.

Fun fact: Sweden is still fully a Monarchy, technically a “constitutional and hereditary monarchy with a parliamentary system,” and those Nordic, Northern European countries who put off the image of being bastions of progressive thinking and safety, have a few secrets to hide.

Here’s another fun fact: Sweden’s Personal Income Tax Rate is 61.85 percent. People in Sweden are taxed for literally most of their income, with one of the highest rates of taxation in the world. Check out this chart, and think about how the tax rate just skyrocketed: what is stopping that government from taking even more?

It’s cool, the government provides all kinds of things for free to the pampered people of Sweden, right? Only if you get their choice of education, their choice of healthcare, and the government’s choice of exactly what you get in return for your involuntary contribution to the taxes. In 2017, Sweden’s tax rate reached an all-time high of 61.85 percent: so it’s currently stuck at an all-time high.

In a society where people are taxed this heavily, the things they are offered in return from the government are always exactly what the state wants to provide, and nothing more. Want education for your taxes? You’re only allowed to learn what they will provide. With everything centralized, what’s the meaning of independent thought?

One article notes: “Swedish citizens have long accepted the sharing of their personal details. The country has a track record for sharing of personal information, which may have helped ease the microchip’s acceptance.” Yes, and the Swedish citizens are going to feel the consequences of being so willing to open themselves up to those vulnerabilities.

What stops a government from taking more and more from the people? The people of Sweden, with nothing but love and respect for them, have not done enough to limit their government’s power, and the consequences of that passive attitude are coming.

This passive attitude, willingness to receive microchips, willingness to be taxed, is going to be the ultimate detriment of the Swedish people. Some might say they should take a page out of France’s book and stand up.

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