Alabama Man Denies Feeding Meth To “Attack Squirrel” – He Says Its Just Mean

35-year-old Mickey Paulk of Alabam is accused of keeping an “attack squirrel” and feeding it meth so it stayed aggressive. However, Paulk has called these claims ridiculous and denies that would ever do anything to harm his beloved pet squirrel.

Police raided a property that was a former residence of Paulk, because they received an anonymous tip that there were drugs and guns in the house, along with an attack squirrel that was hooked on meth. When entering the house, the police did find drugs and weapons, and they also found a squirrel.

Paulk is still at large because he was not at the property when it was raided. Paulk says that he doesn’t even live there anymore, and that this is a former residence. His pet squirrel was apparently still at the property because it was temporarily being cared for by someone at the house, according to Paulk.

Officials admitted that they could not be sure if the animal was actually on drugs, because there is “no safe way to test the squirrel for meth.”

Mickey Paulk and his pet squirrel. Photo Credit: Fox

The police say they released the animal back into the wild, however, in the days following the initial raid, Paulk posted a video of himself with the squirrel, responding to the allegations against him.

“You can’t give squirrels meth. It would kill them! I’m pretty sure. I’ve never tried it,” Paulk said in the video.

Paulk also pointed out that it doesn’t make sense that he would be charged with possession of a controlled substance, and firearms when he wasn’t actually in possession of anything.

Paulk said that he drove by the home after the raid and saw the squirrel hanging out in a tree outside. His furry friend had returned home after being released by the police. When Paulk saw the animal he whistled, and it immediately ran over to him and hopped on his shoulder.

Police are still searching for Paulk.

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