Anonymous Message to the Citizens of the World VII (2017)

Anonymous Message to the Citizens of the World.

Largely in response to the number of people rising up from various countries around the world all expressing their dissatisfaction with highly centralized forms of big government, and the growing global police state, for slightly over a year the group Anonymous has been releasing a series of messages to the citizens of the world.

On January 14th, 2017, they have just released their newest message. It begins as follows:

“When criminals have the power of government on the their side, there is no stopping them…

History shows that the only way of altering these familiar reigns of terror is stealing the government back from them by any means necessary…

No matter how much blood is spilled it will be far less than simply letting the tyrants have their way…

By rousing the public to act…”

That is just the beginning of what Anonymous has to say in their latest message.

For those who haven’t heard the prior six messages to the citizens of the world, they are included below, along with a

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