Main Witness In Amber Guyger Case Shot And Killed Days After Guilty Verdict

Just days after the former police officer Amber Guyger was found guilty of murder and sentenced to ten years in prison for the death of an innocent man named Botham Jean, one of the primary witnesses in the case has been murdered. 28-year-old Joshua Brown was killed outside of an apartment complex in Dallas, Texas arond 10:30 on Friday night.

It appears that this killing was targeted, and not a random act of violence. Witnesses on the scene reported hearing numerous gunshots coming from a silver sedan that was speeding through the parking lot of the apartment complex.

Police have not caught anyone, or revealed any suspects in the case, but there are many people in the community who are very suspicious about the circumstances.

Brown testified against Guyger in the murder case less than two weeks ago, and was one of the primary eye witnesses in the case.

After news of the death spread, Dallas County prosecutor Jason Hermus pointed out that Brown was one of the few people who had the courage to take the state against a police officer.

Lee Merritt, the attorney for Botham Jean’s family, shared similar sentiments, suggesting that Brown expressed concerns for his safety after taking the stand.

Brown lived across the hall from Botham Jean at the South Side Flats housing complex where Guyger also lived. On the day of the shooting, Brown said that police knocked on his door about a noise complaint, even though there wasn’t anything going on. Brown said he thought that it was possible a neighbor called in reference to a marijuana small that was sometimes in the hallway. This occurred before the shooting.

Later that night, Brown was about to leave his apartment when he heard gunshots. He looked out his peephole and saw Guyger pacing the hallway, while on the phone with someone, talking about how she went into the wrong apartment. Brown said Guyger then went back into her apartment and waited for the other officers to arrive.

During his testimony, Brown said that he just met Jean on the day of the murder, but remembered hearing his music in the morning. Brown became so emotional during his testimony that he was having trouble holding back tears, and Judge Kemp called a temporary recess so he could gain his composure.

Botham Jean was not doing anything wrong. He was just sitting in his own home, watching television and eating ice cream. Guyger claims that she was tired after working a long shift and accidentally parked on the wrong floor of her apartment complex. She then claims that she walked all the way to his apartment without realizing it was his. She also claims that the door was open for some reason, and that she went inside still thinking that it was her apartment. Next, she said that she believed Jean was an intruder, which was her excuse for shooting and killing him.

Guyger is now seeking to appeal her case, which may complicate matters considering that the key witness is now dead.

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