An Intense “Blood Moon” is Coming in January, Foreshadowing Purging and Upheaval in 2020

For every annual solar or lunar eclipse that happens now, headlines are made about it, and it’s given a sort of hype. This isn’t such a bad thing, if you’ve researched astrology and find it to be real.

Headlines are currently being made about the eclipse people are anticipating for January 20, 2019. However, if anybody claims that an eclipse is going to affect human beings, consciousness, or otherwise, they’re talking about astrology. Trust me, none of those tabloid headlines being made about the “blood moon” have anything of substance to offer. Take it from someone who knows about astrology, if you’re interested in the celestial bodies affecting consciousness.

So it would only make sense to analyze the eclipses from an astrological perspective. One thing is for sure: the eclipse sooner than January 20, the partial solar eclipse on January 5-6 just around a week from now, is guaranteed to be much more significant. This is the astrology chart for the eclipse of January 5, 2019. If you need help interpreting the chart, just look up the symbols for each one of the planets and signs, and do some research on what the signs and planets mean in astrology.

The eclipse of January 5 is guaranteed to be what people are looking for, when it comes to a premonition or some kind of foreshadowing of intense energy, what an eclipse is understood to be in astrology.

That’s because the eclipse that will occur in about a week will be aligned with both Saturn and Pluto in Saturn’s own sign of Capricorn, foreshadowing an event that will start to peak around May 2019, but truly the peak will be in 2020: that’s Saturn conjunct Pluto, a nearly once every 40 year aspect that last occurred in 1982 – 1983.

Many people who follow astrology believe that in 2020, some great, shocking event could occur, like another 9/11 or something of that level of extremity. That’s because on September 11, 2001, the last major “hard” aspect between Saturn and Pluto happened. A hard aspect is an opposition or a conjunction (alignment), a New Moon or a Full Moon is also a hard aspect. 2001 was Saturn opposition Pluto, and 2019-2020 is Saturn conjunct Pluto.

During 9/11, Saturn in Gemini was firmly opposition Pluto in Sagittarius. This is the chart of 9/11 with the Saturn-Pluto aspect emphasized.

The effect of Saturn conjunct Pluto, similar to 9/11’s Saturn opposition Pluto, is thought to be a purging, destruction and rebuilding (Pluto) of something that involves work, career, structure, money, business, or family (Saturn), for everyone at once throughout mid-2019 and 2020.

Solid structures and things in life may suddenly change, or be destroyed and rebuilt. Purges, moments of upheaval, (Pluto) particularly in the realm of what is solid in life (Saturn), will come during this time, according to astrology.

However, an eclipse is meant to solidify, and crystallize a certain energy in the air for an entire year if not longer. An eclipse is thought to be like a delayed reaction, but a very extreme one.

Not one, but two eclipses year after year are going to align with Saturn and Pluto. The first one is January 5, 2019, and here’s the next one, the great, extremely intense one that is merely being foreshadowed by the January 2019 eclipse. This is the Lunar Eclipse that is strongly, strongly conjunct the exact first alignment of Saturn and Pluto.

So according to astrology, some kind of foreshadowing of purging or upheaval to the solid structures in our lives will occur in 2019, but the real thing will hit in the very beginning of 2020.

This is the difference between tabloid astrology and that real sh**. Nobody can realistically expect another person to believe in it until they see it come to fruition. So, if you remember this article in early 2020, see if some purging or upheaval doesn’t occur, on a global scale.

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