Massive Fire Tornado in California Caught On Video

Right now, horrific fires are ripping through California in many different places, and it’s a lot to keep up with even for a resident of California. The massive Woolsey Fire is ripping straight through the wealthy neighborhoods of Malibu in Southern California and the surrounding areas.

It’s been about a week since they began, and now the fires in both Southern California and Northern California have burned hundreds of thousands of acres of land, constituting the most deadly and destructive fires in the history of California. Well known celebrities personally had their homes burned down, and thousands of people were forced to flee their homes, or face a fate that is unavoidable. It’s estimated that 157,000 people have been forced from their homes, and an estimated 55 people have lost their lives.

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Gerard Butler have lost their homes. Three of the more massive and significant fires are titled the Camp Fire, the Woosley Fire, and the Hill Fire. In Paradise, California, this structure was reduced to rubble after the Camp fire tore through on November 10.

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To explain how such fires could happen at the same time, it was reported that conditions across the state of California were simply more conductive to fires. The air in California is excessively dry, and there was and seemingly still is a wind which is unfortunately helping spread the flames, keep the fires traveling and alive. Alternative theories exist.

Those conditions also made fighting the fires more difficult, which in case you didn’t know, is often personally the work of people who are incarcerated. Incarcerated people fight fires like this in America sometimes.

This is a map of the area affected by the Camp Fire in Northern California.

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Chico, California based brewing company Sierra Nevada was forced to shut down its famous brewery as the fires approached the town. They posted this eerie picture of the flames approaching from a distance.

To make it even more disturbing, and really there’s nothing nice about this one bit, this phenomenon is happening that is known as a fire tornado.

Fire tornadoes occur when intense rising heat collides in a certain way with cool air, causing it to contract into a tornado-like vortex. Described as a scene straight from hell, several of them were recently captured on video.

Another Firenado sparked up during the #WoolseyFire. These are absolutely insane. Keep praying for the Firefighters @LAFD.

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) November 12, 2018

Last week, another less massive fire tornado was caught on film in the sort of elite Oaks neighborhood of Calabasas, California.

A fire tornado. Fire can creates its own weather patterns.

We’re in the Oaks neighborhood of Calabasas. This is on Prado de Los Ciervos. We haven’t seen any firefighters but have seen many concerned residents.

This neighborhood is home to many celebs incl @IGGYAZALEA. @FOXLA

— Elex Michaelson (@Elex_Michaelson) November 10, 2018

Typically, a fire tornado can reach between 30 and 170 feet in height, but they usually only last a few minutes. Over the weekend, this was also caught on film.

Remember the massive Carr fire? In July 2018, Redding, California residents were forced to witness the pyrocumulonimbus clouds and tornado-like behavior emanating from the blaze.

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A good man named James Woods is helping people find their pets and is getting active on social media trying to help with the grave situation.

Here is a map of the Woolsey fire, currently hitting the exact area where so many celebrities and wealthy people have lived for a long time.

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The Camp fire and the Woolsey Fire began on the same day simultaneously in Northern and Southern California.

Now, here’s the Hill Fire. It was smaller, occurring northwest of the Woolsey fire in Southern California. As of Tuesday night, it was 85 percent contained, burning about 4,5000 acres of land still.

(Image credit: Newsweek)

If people pray, they should pray for the people who have to suffer through this.

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