New Gun Uses Radio Waves To Take Down Drones!

What started off as a simple device, we have seen the technology of Drones make a huge impact on our lifestyles in several ways. Anyone can own their own drone by purchasing one at your local electronic shop such as Best Buy, Fry’s, and even Radio Shack.

Now we can see what started off as a simple project, has blown into one of the world’s best electronic devices. From using it for field services in which we can use drones for search and rescue missions, to government using them for spying. However, as war progresses along, we can also see drones being used for mass destruction. Until now, The most effect way to destroy these drones would be by means of rocket launchers or machine guns/turrets. This possesses a problem as the drone would detect where the source of fire was coming from. Then a squad would go in, better prepared for combat thanks to the drone.

Now we have a new option that allows us to destroy these flying machines with little to no tracing. A US sci-tech contractor, Battelle, has indeed developed a new revolutionary weapon in which is able to detect and stop the UAV’s dead. More incredibly at a long distance of 400 meters, this new gun uses radio signals instead of rockets or bullets.

The “DroneDefender” is able to aid in the protection from those who wish to utilize drones for deadly intent. While the essential usage of the DroneDefender is aimed to aid in the protection by defending the White House from terrorist drones. The Government will also be using the DroneDefender at embassies overseas in will be used to protect and defend their schools and even historic locations.

The weapon itself resembles the appearal of a modern assault rifle, only with an antenna replacing the barrel of the gun. The entire weapon weighs less than 5 kg. The more shocking use of this weapon is that in less than one tenth of a second, the weapon is on and ready to operate. The DroneDefender is able to operate and take down drones for over 5 hours without the need of recharging.

Operating the gun, is far too easy. The operator of the DroneDefender simply aims at a drone and pulls the trigger. The weapon doesn’t exactly destroy the drone, but merely produces a signal surrounding the drone. This signal makes the drone to appear it is out-of-range of the operator and will cause the drone to go into one of three different safety protocols. The safety protocols includes the drone will hover in the same position until the operator regains control, the drone will land and wait for the operator to physically retrieve it, or simply returns to the point or origin.

In either case, the drone is practically defenseless and will stop all actions until further instructed to by the operator. While disrupting the control of the UAV and even the GPS signal the drone sends out, makes this weapon effective against any and all commercial grade drones.

The creators of the weapon has chosen not to damage the drone. The reason is the drone may not be hostile. Not to mention that in an unsafe are such as an airport or even a secured government site, civilians as well as inacent lives will not be harmed in the “Detaining” of an unknown drone.

You may have seen this same technology before when a group of UK companies developed the AUDS (Anti-UAV Defense System). The complex van-mounted system is rather large and even compromises a radar in which detects UAV’s within a five mile radius. The new DroneDefender is smaller and more light weight. This is perfect as the operator can be practically hidden from the drone view itself and still is able to disable the drone without revealing the operators position.

We have seen previous attempts at destroying drones by a European consortium that has been testing laser guns that actually will shoot down drones. The US Army is using guided missiles in which are launched from a hefty pellet gun. These are the types of weapons in which we are able to see put into action during warzones, and are not safe in public neighborhoods.

By using the laser weapon to take down it will take just over 3 seconds to fully dismantle the targeted drone, using the AUDS will take a much shorter time, but is so large it gives away positions. This is why the team is working on developing the DroneDefender in a small lightweight easy-to-carry, easy-to-use drone defense weapon.

Shooting down drones is still completely legal in the US, the idea of a public owned anti-drone defense system would not be licensed for private use any time soon.

Via anonhq

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