Newly Unsealed Epstein Documents Released

After the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein were dismissed as nothing more than a fringe conspiracy theory for many years, his case is now one of the biggest news stories in the world and the allegations brought forth by numerous victims over the years are finally being taken seriously.

As we have been covering on our page this week, mainstream media reports have circulated claiming that the disgraced billionaire financier killed himself in his jail cell, however, there are many people who are left with questions and are very suspicious about the circumstances surrounding his death. Many fingers have been pointed in the wake of Epstein’s alleged suicide this week, with everyone seeming to place blame on whoever their favorite political scapegoat happens to be.

Those on the left have been very quick to point the finger at Donald Trump, saying that the president has ordered a hit on Epstein to cover-up details of their long and involved friendship prior to Epstein’s first arrest. Trump supporters are quick to point out that the president has claimed to have had a falling out with his former friend over the years, reportedly because of his criminal activity. However, Epstein has been disgraced for over a decade now, so anyone in the public eye who was concerned about their reputation would have been smart to distance themselves from him immediately after his first arrest, which is essentially what Trump did.

Epstein found dead in his jail cell. Photo Credit: AP

For his part, within a day of Epstein’s reported death, Trump took to Twitter to post in support of a conspiracy theory that it was the Clintons who were responsible for the murder. This theory took hold very quickly, considering the Clintons have already become a meme a very long time ago, due to their alleged involvement in the mysterious deaths of their enemies.

One even wilder theory is that perhaps Epstein faked his death, was then busted out of prison, and is now being relocated for an identity switch. Of course, there is no hard evidence to prove any of the theories that have been circulating online in the day since his death. Still, speculation continues to swirl after Epstein’s death, which was actually predicted by many online commentators, as well as lawyers who represented his victims in the past.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death, the victims in the case still remain, as do many of the very powerful people who were in cahoots with him throughout his disturbing life of crime. Despite the fact that his case did not officially go to trial, there have been a number of very large document dumps revealing some of the details behind the charges that he was facing.

A protest group called “Hot Mess” hold up signs of Jeffrey Epstein in front of the Federal courthouse in New York City on July 8, 2019. Photo Credit: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

As expected, these full reports have not been published through conventional media channels, but they have been circulating online for those who are determined enough to find the original source documents. Below are links to the court documents that have been released in the case in PDF format, please feel free to do your part in downloading, saving and spreading this information, just in case it is taken down in the future.

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