Powerlifter Breaks Leg In Three Places Under 250kg Weight


This week, Russian powerlifter Yaroslav Radoshkevich was seriously injured during his performance at the powerlifting Eurasian Championship in Khabarovsk, Russia.

Radoshkevich is just 20 years old and is in excellent shape, but he had a slight ankle injury when he entered the competition.

However, he ignored his injury because he did not want to miss the competition. This was not a good decision, because his ankle could not support the weight, and when he attempted to lift a weight of 250kg, he ended up breaking his right leg in several places.

960-6421263 Yaroslav Radoshkevich was on his third attempt on 250kg at the powerlifting event in Russia / Photo Credit: Youtube.com / Amur.info

Radoshkevich will likely regret this decision for the rest of his life. He had a long and promising career ahead of him, but now he says that as a result of his injury, he will likely never be able to lift competitively again.

I can hardly return to this sport following such an injury. I had achieved a lot but I will have quit my hopes and ambitions as rehabilitation will approximately take six months,” he said.

The disturbing video of the injury can be seen below:

International News reported that:

The European and Asian weightlifting championships in Russia saw a terrible accident, with Russia’s Yaroslav Radoshkevich being beaten in three places with his legs during a failed attempt to raise his weight by 250 kg.

Radushkevich tried to make up for his failure in two previous attempts to lift a weight that appeared to be bigger than his abilities. After he succeeded in lifting it quickly, he collapsed after hearing a double fracture in his right leg.

The observers failed to save the quartet when he fell and above the heavy weight, to be transferred to the hospital for treatment of the double fractures he suffered and may cause the end of his career.

It was later officially revealed that the athlete suffered a double closed fracture of his shinbone and complete fracture of his ankle.

weightlifter-5923526 Russian powerlifter Yaroslav Radoshkevich may never lift competitively again after this terrible injury / Photo Credit: Screenshot

Earlier this year, during the European Weightlifting Championships 31 year old female weightlifter Gaelle Nayo Ketchanke suffered a gruesome injury, snapping and dislocating both of her arms.

Her shocking injury can be seen in the footage below:

Luckily, Gaelle Nayo Ketchanke is making a speedy recovery and is in good spirits.

“I’m coming out of these European Championships not in the best of ways, with a 107kg wrenching elbow injury after winning the bronze medal at 103kg. I received a lot of support messages that made me feel good and we are waiting for my return to France to do further tests. I want to thank the medical and technical staff of the Federation who responded very quickly and who are by my side. my coaches and my colleagues from the France team,” she told her fans after the incident.

Also this year, a senior gymnast from Auburn University, Alabama, broke both of her legs and dislocated both knees in a horrific fall during her performance.

The gymnast, Samantha Cerio was competing on behalf of the Auburn Tigers at the NCAA gymnastics regional semi final in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Cerio attempted a very challenging flip, but she did not make the blind landing.

Sadly, shortly after the injury, Cerio announced that she will be retiring as a gymnast.

This is not necessarily a sad ending to the story though, she never planned to make a career out of gymnastics.

She was an outstanding student who earned All-SEC awards in 2017 and 2018 and landed on the All-SEC freshman team in 2016. She is also an aerospace engineering major who landed a job with Boeing in Seattle last year.

horror-fall-gymnast-1-7182685 Gymnast Samantha Cerio of Auburn University suffers a terrible injury during her performance / Photo Credit: jjtortelli/YouTube

Some of these cases were absolute freak accidents that could not have been prevented, but the case of Russian powerlifter Yaroslav Radoshkevich shows the importance of being prepared and not competing with an injury. If Radoshkevich were to just sit out of this competition, he may have lost some money and prestige, but he would have been able to continue his career once he healed.

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