Secret Passage Unearthed beneath Mexico’s Ancient Pyramid of the Moon: “Tunnel to the Underworld”

In summer of last year, 2017, it was reported that an incredible, secret passage was discovered directly underneath Mexico’s ancient “Pyramid of the Moon,” and it’s thought to lead through the ruins of Teotihuacan, disturbingly, to a central square used to commit human sacrifices.

Archaeologists made use of advanced scanning technology to locate the bizarre tunnel, which is located somewhere around 30 feet (9 meters) beneath the front of the pyramid.

The tunnel leads from that location, on into the Plaza de la Luna central square, in the ruined and wrecked ancient city.

(Image credit: DeAgostini)

It is believed that this square was used for unfortunately some pretty disturbing things, rituals and human sacrifices, sometimes with up to 100,000 witnesses, according to the official narrative.

The experts reportedly believe that this tunnel was used to simulate the effect of stepping on into the underworld, for those who were going to pass away, or worse be sacrificed. The tunnel may have in fact been filled with various offerings to the gods.

Director of the Integral Conservation Project of the Plaza de la Luna, archaeologist Verónica Ortega said: “The finding confirms that Teotihuacans reproduced the same pattern of tunnels associated with their great monuments, whose function had to be the emulation of the underworld.”

Although the official narrative is that this tunnel was designed to be like a simulation of what it feels to step into the underworld, of course the independent researchers and thinkers of the Internet decided to investigate further.

All kinds of theories have circulated about this, and videos have been made that aren’t too difficult to find if you type this into YouTube or your video provider of choice.

To say the least, the discovery of this new passageway is a monolith of a find for the archaeological community, which includes all thinkers and interested people who are paying attention to it. The Temple of the Moon constitutes the second-largest temple in the ruined city of Teotihuacan, after the Temple of the Sun naturally.

This suggests, of course that there could be yet even more undiscovered parts of it.

So how did they discover it in the first place? A method known as electrical resistivity tomography was used, and it sends scans down through the ground where it is used, to generate images of what lies beneath the surface.

Not only was this tunnel discovered, but it wasn’t the first secret tunnel to be found there at Teotihuacan, which they say was constructed some time between the year 0 AD and 600 AD.

(Image credit: DeAgostini)

Under the Temple of the Plumed Serpent scientists found a 340 foot (103 metre) long tunnel, and they actually managed to go down into it.

In that tunnel, the researchers found pottery, seeds, and some remains of animal bones.

At least 25,000 people called that ancient ruined city of Teotihuacan home at one time, and it was one of the largest ancient settlements in the Americas. It was eventually occupied by the Aztecs, but was constructed by some pre-Columbian civilization. Pre-Columbian is a strange term to gloss over Colonialism, isn’t it.

Archaeologists have extensively studied the area, and still haven’t been able to find the remains of any rulers of the city. No pharaoh type figures, nobody like that has ever been discovered.

Now, about a year and a few months later, the team from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History is probably conducting further studies on the tunnel, still going about how to excavate it.

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