Ski Mask The Slump God Net Worth 2022: Bio, Height, Age & Career

Stokeley Clevon Goulbourne is a rapper and songwriter, professionally known by as stage name Ski Mask “The Slump God”. Stokeley broke onto the hip hop scene through the Floridian collective Members Only, of which he was a co-founder. He rose to fame alongside the late XXXTentacion, a fellow member of the group. Since his debut, Stokeley has only released one studio album so far but has produced plenty of quality singles, Eps, and mixtapes to keep his fans hooked. He is currently signed to Republic Records under which he released his most recent mixtape titled Sin City the Mixtape on 25 June 2021.

Stokeley was born on 18 April 1996, in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale in a Jamaican lineage. Music, especially Jamaican and hip hop, was a major influence on Stokeley’s life early on. He grew up in a music-loving household and was introduced to artists like Lil Wayne, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, and Wu-Tang Clan. in fact, his father was not only a hip hop fanatic but was a rapper himself. He used to go by the name Sin City which also served as the inspiration for one of his mixtapes later on. His father was a direct influence in his entire future career as a rapper too, as he used to make Stokeley write and rap from an early age.

Stokeley’s professional career came about thanks to a mishap that can truly be termed a blessing in disguise. In 2013, he was caught in possession of weed and got sent to a juvenile detention center. He met and became friends with XXXTentacion there and the duo continued being friends outside following their release. Once they both were out, Stokeley created a rap group called Very Rare and invited XXXTentacion to be a part of it.

Stokeley adopted the name Ski Mask “The Slump God” around the time he released his first-ever single on SoundCloud, titled “Catch Me”. A while later, Ski and X came together to create the collective Members Only and the duo released a mixtape titled Members Only Vol 1. Two more mixtapes came out one year after another, titled volume 2 and volume 3. In 2016, he also released a solo mixtape called Drown in Designer. In 2017, he released the mixtape You Will Regret.

In February 2018, Ski announced the end of Very Rare through his Instagram and started going solo. His first release after the split was 2018’s mixtape Beware the Book of Eli. The same year later, Ski released his debut studio album which he named Stokeley after himself. The album reached a peak of #6 on the Billboard 200 chart. It turned out to be his most successful musical venture. He announced a second album that was supposed to be released in 2020 but it never ended up being released. In 2021, Ski released his latest mixtape Sin City the Mixtape, the name being a reference to his father’s rapper alias.

Stokeley was close friends with rappers XXXTentacion and Juice WRLD, both of whom tragically passed away within a span of 18 months.

Birthday & Zodiac Details

  • Date of Birth – April 18, 1996
  • Birthplace    – Fort Lauderdale
  • Zodiac sign    – Aries

Body Appearance Height, Weight

  • Height – 5’6”
  • Weight – 147 lbs / 67 kg

Other Facts

  • Profession – Rapper, Songwriter.
  • Educational Qualification  – High School
  • Religion – Christianity
  • Nick Name – The Slump God
  • Nationality   – American
  • Residence – Atalanta, Georgia

Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram – (
  • Twitter    – (
  • Fb    –  (

Ski Mask The Slump God Networth

Ski Mask might not be a global megastar, but he has earned himself a good amount of fortune that he has worked hard for. He has an estimated net worth of over $4 million today thanks to his successful singles, EPs, mistapex, and a studio album.


What year was Ski Mask born?

Ski Mask was born in 1996.

How old is Ski Mask?

Ski Mask is 26 years old.

How much is Ski Mask worth?

Jschlatt is Ski Mask worth over $4 million.

What is Ski Mask’s net worth?

Ski Mask’s net worth is over $4 million.

How tall is Ski Mask?

Ski Mask is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Where does Ski Mask live?

Ski Mask lives in Atalanta, Georgia now.

Where was Ski Mask born?

Ski Mask was born in Fort Lauderdale.

Where is Ski Mask now?

Ski Mask is in Atalanta, Georgia now.

Where is Ski Mask from?

Ski Mask is from Fort Lauderdale.

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