Spreading Semen On Your Face Will Reduce Wrinkles According To Facialist


Chelsee Lewis, a celebrity facialist to the stars, has revealed a number of bizarre beauty tips to her followers, including using sperm as a topical cream on your face and using an ultrasound for anti-aging properties. Lewis has some very high class clientele, which includes Stella McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Suki Waterhouse, and Erin O’Connor.

According to Lewis, her suggestions help to boost oxygen and improve circulation to the skin.

“Using your partner’s sperm as a mask is full of a compound called spermine, which is an antioxidant which can help reduce wrinkles, smooth the skin, prevent acne or spots and give you overall healthy-looking skin,” a report at The Daily Mail said.

It is not clear how many celebrities have used this type of sperm mask for their beautification.

In her memoir, “I’m Wild Again,” former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Helen Gurley Brown also recommends spreading semen on the face because it’s “probably full of protein as sperm can eventually become babies.”

However, dermatologist Doris Day told Cosmopolitan that she is skeptical about the benefits of rubbing sperm on your face.

“It’s not necessarily something that can penetrate the skin in any way beyond what a regular moisturizer can do. The water in the semen, as it dries off on your skin, could leave your skin drier. If you have rosacea, you should be careful,” Day says.

13043976-6988481-image-a-1_1556878060615-2142683 Chelsee Lewis (above), who is based in Mayfair, boasts a celebrity clientele and creates bespoke treatment experiences and skincare plans so each client meets their skincare goals / Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

Day also warns that this could contribute to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Surprisingly, there are even far more shocking viral beauty trends these days, and some of them are actually spreading diseases.

It was recently reported that a nationwide warning was issued after two people contracted HIV after recieving what is known as a “vampire facial,” a strange beauty trend made popular by Kim Kardashian. In the strange procedure,  the customer’s own blood is re-injected into their face in tiny splotches.

This procedure can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $1,500. The process involves micro-needles that tap on the skin and create an injury that the skin will repair,  stimulating collagen production, creating an injury which the skin then repairs. Plasma is then spread across the face and acts as an energy boost which is said to rehydrate the skin.

13055126-6989549-image-a-2_1556898425740-6912032 Kim Kardashian posting about her vampire facial on Instagram. Kardashian is largely responsible for the recent popularity of the trend / Photo Credit: Instagram / The Daily Mail

A health spa in New Mexico was the first vampire facial clinic to have reported cases of HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. The patients were exposed to the diseases because the micro-needle devices were not sterilized properly between patients.

Generally, the procedure is safe, but only when they are done in upscale establishments with people who actually know what they are doing. Unfortunately, the high price of the process is pushing people towards cheaper practitioners that may cut corners.

The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) Councillor Dr. Ronald Feiner warned that patients should be very diligent about researching the establishment that is doing this procedure for them. Feiner warned that people should “carefully consider any medical procedure,” that involves blood and breaking the skin.

“Problems occur when your practitioner gives you someone else’s plasma, re-uses needles and uses infected syringes. Unprofessional practices like that can lead to infections and even blood-borne diseases. Vampire facials should only take place at an approved medical facility by an appropriately trained doctor or nurse. Such professionals must have been trained in the process of venipuncture, the handling of blood products and have meticulous attention in the use of single use, disposable needles and syringes,” Dr. Feiner said.

With all of these new beauty trends popping up on the internet, it is important to do diligent research about the procedures and the practitioners. Social media influences get paid a lot of money to push ideas and products, but these recommendations are not always verified and vetted and they can sometimes be dangerous. Luckily, in the case of putting semen on your face, that seems like something that is not risky to try and could have some benefits.

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