Twittergate is happening right now. 1000s of twitter Pedophile accounts discovered

Several Twitter users were reporting child p0rn0graphy accounts and sending them to 0hour, an active member of Anonymous.

The Anonymous user, @0hour, was retweeting them and tagging Twitter, FBI and Disney.  The YouTube user, notsafeforjerk, is providing up-to-date reports on #TwitterGate.

“Twitter cares more about silencing political opinions than protecting our children. Twitter’s CEO works for Disney.”

Hours later, 0hour got his account suspended while many of the child p0rn0graphy accounts remained active, despite the child pornography being publicly displayed on the Twitter accounts.

#TwitterGate has become a topic of discussion on several message boards such as Reddit and /pol/.

As more people become involved in the manhunt, the scope of horror increases.

Thus far, this is the list of users identified by /pol/:

NOTE: These Twitter users have not been vetted through NorthCrane channels.

@sternshow @jdharm @rmlimodriver69 @SternShowMoms @shalomshuli @SternUpdates @SBrandano @TomCotterComic @DocIvanSFN @hperik1971 @MaraReinstein @JasonFielderTV @bobohstern @LittleMikeysp @BenBarto @Stern100 @DitaFan @EliBraden @salgovernale @SternShowAddict @reporterjon @q8i_snake @JoeyBoots @Murman78 @IsaacLeicht @kimberlyratliff @craiggasscomedy @twangger @memetwalker @leithforrest @kylesimonLOL @MMABILLYMIRA @TheMikeTrainor @thisiswolfie @TARAxVx @ThisIsPiotr @MichaelSantang5 @Innocuous_Flop @FTESTERNBTLSFAN @AsianPete5 @TheRealGSid @SternShowQuotes @julianvelard @valthepoet @SternShowPundit @JustinNColumbia @Carrie_Stevens1 @heaney_sean @johnbutler1 @darkmang_25 @mydrugismusic @TheSternShow @ImGrover @bobby_rooney @Howard100 @Howard101 @IamArtieLange @WhoopAsh @RealTalkRooney @HighPitch2009 @FakeLisaG @SternShowXtra @preemiememe @beckalah428 @IamFredNorris @atsternshow @shaneomtl @RFromMN @ChadFromStL @DannyMendelson @Sternpage @cwild22

Archived link here but watch your backs please. Don’t be the person who gets caught if they need a scapegoat.



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